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An electronic newsletter is a newsletter that is sent by e-mail.

The goal is to establish a privileged relationship with clients, partners or employees.

Readers appreciate short texts (maximum 10 lines) and direct language. At the end of the descriptions, the link allows you to refer to the full article on the web or intranet.

Why do we use it?


An e-mail, a newsletter sent by email, allows you to stay connected and unite consumers around your brand. Simple and effective way to maintain a ‘customer relationship’. Above all else, your letter should keep your readers informed of your activity. Bet on a message that informs about market trends, mentions important events, presents news of your products or services, structured training.

You could consider going beyond promotions and business news, and taking on a real advisory role with your clients. A real estate agency, for example, will provide an electronic newsletter with information related to its activity (credits, price per square meter, legal advice). It is up to you to find the topic that will interest your customers, coming from you. On another note, an e-newsletter is an excellent way to communicate internally.


In internal communication, the newsletter can supplement the internal newspaper, or even replace it if it is a question of giving short-term information, more tactical than strategic.

In external communications, the electronic newsletter is a tool of long-term loyalty: it is a periodic newsletter rather than a series of one-time emails. It is therefore important to establish a strong editorial policy and annual publication schedule.

How to use it?


  • Write complete articles It corresponds to your e-newsletter, with titles and descriptions, which you will publish on the website or intranet.
  • Use titles and descriptions From each article, which will appear in the newsletter, categorizing the information in order of importance.
  • HTML newsletter layoutand check that the code is compatible with that of your clients.
  • Send the e-newsletter using to an email distribution tool (eg Sarbacane from Goto Software, Mailjet or Mailchimp).

Methodology and advice

It is not recommended to distribute an electronic newsletter as a PDF attachment. The recipient will have to open Acrobat and possibly print the letter to read it. These “technical” steps often discourage the reader from going beyond a quick character scan on the screen.

The best method is the “Push-Pull” method: the e-newsletter contains links to the full text of the Internet.


  • An e-newsletter is an effective way to generate revenue: direct marketing providers agree on an average click-through rate of 3%. But this rate can go as high as 20% for a well located message and file.

Caution to take

  • The e-newsletter can be treated by the reader as spam. To avoid this risk, remember to give an explicit title in the message’s “subject” and a clear name to the “sender” so that the recipient can easily identify him or her.

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