Choose a fast VPN for the best internet speeds

There are many features to look for in a good VPN service. One of them is the connection speed. A fast VPN ensures that subscribers can browse as if their VPN was not activated, as the speed losses associated with a VPN are negligible. For this, a VPN should offer modern protocols, but also optimized servers and in large enough numbers. NordVPN and PureVPN stand out here as references by checking all of these boxes, and more.

For a VPN to be considered fast, it must have enough servers to accommodate all of the subscribers’ traffic. In addition, these servers should be well optimized: basic is fast, but also compatible with the best protocols such as OpenVPN UDP or Wireguard. in spite of that, A good, fast VPN shouldn’t sacrifice the security of its subscribers Thus you should have classic options such as a high level of encryption, no browsing history storage, or even a kill switch in case of a problem. Here’s how NordVPN and PureVPN meet all of these requirements.

+ 5000 servers and best protocols: one of the fastest VPNs

Why not start straight with what is simply One of the fastest VPNs available: NordVPN. This service has become widely known in France through its association with many videographers, but marketing is not its only strength. All tests show that NordVPN is indeed a fast VPN, if not one of the fastest out there today. So, with the right configuration, A 1 Gbit/s fiber optic subscriber, for example, can reach a transmission speed of 700 or 800 Mbit/s. With a classic VPN, the speed of this connection generally drops to less than about 300 Mbit/s.

What VPNs offer the best speeds?

starting from3,59 euros(Taxes included)

NordVPN guarantees these excellent speeds in several ways :

  • Access to more than 5,000 optimized servers worldwide;
  • All servers are compatible with OpenVPN UDP/TCP and Wireguard;
  • Use the special Lightway protocol.

Besides the fact that it is a really fast VPN, NordVPN also offers strong protection. AES – 256 encryption is included, but not only. This service includes an anti-threat system to fight various types of malware, phishing or other computer viruses. NordVPN also has so-called “opaque” servers, which can best be described as “camouflaged”. These are the servers that allow the VPN connection to pass through the normal connection, avoiding obstacles.

When it comes to price, this fast VPN doesn’t cost much, if you choose to stick with two years. Thanks to 68% instant discount plus 3 months freeThe service is available from €2.99 per month. A more complete version with a password manager or threat scanner and 1 TB of encrypted cloud is available from €4.99 per month. If a subscriber must subscribe to the service for two years at a time, it is also protected by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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PureVPN Fast VPN: No logs, 6500 servers and 10 simultaneous connections

for Simpler and cheaper formula, while maintaining a fast VPNPureVPN is one of the best alternatives to NordVPN. This service guarantees a retention of more than 300 MB / s with the closest servers, but also an excellent latency of about 20 ms. The performance is certainly not the same with NordVPN, but PureVPN is still able to offer servers that are fast and stable enough for a smooth connection.

PureVPN Fast VPN

What VPNs offer the best speeds?

starting from1,99 euros(Taxes included)

To make sure it’s a fast VPN, PureVPN owns :

  • More than 6,500 servers worldwide;
  • Access to OpenVPN UDP on all servers;
  • Servers optimized according to needs (live, P2P, etc.).

PureVPN also offers an excellent level of security to its subscribers. It is ‘Fast VPN with no browsing logsIt also takes advantage of the benefits of AES-256 encryption. In addition, PureVPN servers are secure against online threats thanks to Ozone.

for the price, This fast VPN stays under €2 per month with its five-year plan. To take advantage of this premium price, all you have to do is wait a few moments after your first connection to the site for a simple popup to display. Although it requires a 5-year subscription, consumers are safe with PureVPN’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

What VPNs offer the best speeds?

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