Honor 50 became excellent as soon as it dropped from €549 to less than €300

Honor 50 was one of the first smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer to offer the Play Store again, after its split from Huawei. It was launched last year at €549, but today it costs only €299 on E.Leclerc. Almost half the price!

The Honor 50 // Source: Robin Wycke

Honor 50 is a mid-range smartphone with a very balanced technical sheet for the price it is being offered at today. In fact, this Android phone offers some premium features, such as its screen or camera, currently seeing its price drop by more than 260 euros, or an instant discount of 47%. We can now say that it is excellent value for money.

Honor 50 main points

  • Ultra HD 120Hz OLED screen
  • Snapdragon 778G power
  • Image portion with 108MP sensor
  • Fast charging efficiency: 10 to 85% in 30 minutes

Instead of €549 at launch, but currently on offer at a restricted price of €449, the Honor 50 in 5G-compatible black is now on sale at just €299 at E.Leclerc.

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Honor 50 at the best price?

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Reduce its price by replacing your old smartphone

Excellent art paper for the price

The Honor 50 isn’t at the top of the pack as there’s also a model named Pro, but it still offers a look that exudes a perfect quality of finish, except perhaps at the level of the perforation which depends on the color displayed around it, it looks really imposing on the front of the slab. The screen also allows it to be slightly curved on the sides and offers endless contrasts thanks to the OLED technology. That’s not all, as it also displays a Full HD+ definition of 2,340 x 1,080 pixels and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz for perfect fluidity.

It’s not a champion of autonomy, but you should know that its 4,300mAh battery remains comfortable on a daily basis. In fact, the Honor 50 can easily last the day and can afford it the next morning if you don’t recharge the smartphone overnight. Obviously, we can thank you for the adaptive refresh rate that allows you to go from 10 to 120 Hz depending on the use, and thus saves a lot of power. And if the battery needs to be recharged, it’s fairly quick because the 66W power supply can make it recover more than 70% in just 30 minutes (via USB-C). However, there is no wireless charging in sight.

At this price, the Honor 50 isn’t equipped with the most advanced SoC on the market, but the chip it includes shouldn’t be shy about its performance. The Snapdragon 778G backed by 6GB of RAM does the job well in the vast majority of the tasks it faces. In Fortnite, for example, the phone automatically sets itself to the highest graphics quality (Epic) by default, even with the “3D Accuracy” option set to 100%. The experience is generally smooth, however, the frame rate per second will not exceed 30. This also allows compatibility with the 5G network.

With a 108 mega pixel camera!

Honor has finally seen fit to bet on a very trendy marketing element: the image. In fact, this smartphone presents a versatile device with four sensors, including 8MP wide angle, 2MP macro, 2MP depth and above all a 108MP main. It’s true that the shots are finely detailed and superb, but this sensor you’ll be using most often does quite a bit, with often saturated colors and noticeable contrast. On the other hand, the night mode of the Honor 50 is very surprising for this price range, while the portrait mode is really perfect. For selfies, there’s a 32MP camera in the screen punch.

To find out more, feel free to read our full test on the Honor 50.

7 / 10

honor 50

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