Why These American Influencers Are Rejecting Any Amazon Sponsorship

influencers. At the end of the summer, a new movement was born on social networks. It is not a matter of mourning the end of summer or explaining its quantity, there is no way to think about the beginning of the school year. This time, the reason defended is even more serious. American activist group Gen Z for Change has launched a mobilization against Amazon. This group used to take initiatives on social media to make more hype, and it has also surrounded this group with 70 content creators who amass over 50 million subscribers online.

Together they have teamed up with the Amazon Workers Union, which brings together workers from the company. Currently, these union employees have raised very specific demands with their management. “We are talking about a minimum wage of $30 an hour, better working conditions, and an end to all anti-union tactics,” he notes on the collective Twitter. This campaign was called “People Above Pledge”. The associated hashtag is visible on TikTok as well as on Twitter. The idea of ​​this movement is to put pressure on Amazon and the influencers have found something to shake things up.

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70 influencers rallied against Amazon to support employees

70 participating influencers have decided to stop all partnerships with the platform until the employees’ demands are heard. This means that they will no longer display affiliate links on their content, will no longer talk about products purchased on the platform and will not update their storefront on the site. “I want to feel comfortable recommending Amazon products to my community because they are so reliable, but I can’t do that until I know they treat their workers fairly.” Washington PostEmily Rina Shaw, TikTokeuse with over 5 million subscribers.

An Amazon spokesperson recently spoke out to respond to this group group. Paul Flaningan explains, “The health, safety and well-being of our employees is our top priority. We are committed to providing our employees with the resources they need to succeed, creating time for regular breaks and a comfortable work pace, and working directly with anyone who needs additional support to achieve their goals. We also work closely with experts and health and safety scientists, and we conduct thousands of safety inspections every day on our buildings.”

Some influencers who have worked or are with Amazon have made it clear that the company, at the beginning of the decade, had them sign a no-disparagement agreement. They can’t speak badly about the platform, even after their collaboration ends.

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