Is a BID Management Tool Really Necessary?

It is possible to manage a few keywords using a Google Ads campaign. However, to dramatically increase your ROI or your customers’ return, you need to manage multiple ads. For this, you need a BID management tool…

What is Google BID Ads Management?

Google Ads BID Management aims to manage bids for all digital marketing campaigns. It automates bids for well-defined keywords used in advertising campaigns, such as Google Ads. This tool provided by Google allows you to optimize your Google Ads campaigns and allow you to get maximum profitability.

Is this program necessary?

Big time saver

Since a large number of ads are supported, you save time, especially in terms of optimization and campaign management. With their many features, they offer detailed reports, in the form of dashboards, allowing for a better analysis of the results of your campaigns.

Better ROI

You can also focus on the bid strategy that’s right for you based on your goals. Whether it increases your profits, leads, or acquisitions, your return on investment improves. Studies prove, in fact, that managing campaigns with these tools helps to increase the return on investment, compared to managing them without using them.

Better Target Google Ads and Optimize Budget

BID management tools are essential for some and some very competitive topics. The latter are, in fact, keywords with prominent bids in Google Ads. In the face of high CPC, using such a solution is beneficial for better targeting of Google ads and for better optimizing your budget.

Simplified test for long tail expressions

Managing campaigns with multiple keywords made easy. In addition to maximizing your chances of achieving your goals and focusing on your strategy, you can easily test different long tail expressions for better optimization.

The different automatic bid strategies offered by Google Ads Tool

BID management software is very expensive and is especially interesting for communication agencies or advertisers who must launch marketing campaigns regularly. In order to effectively configure this program, you must choose the most appropriate strategy to achieve your goals.


With CPC, your manual bids are automatically adjusted according to a potential conversion estimate or not on your site. This strategy detects which auctions are most likely to lead to conversions and is based on various elements, such as time of day, browser, region, demographics, etc.

Target CPA or CPA strategy

To help you maximize conversions, this strategy determines the best CPC bids for your ad. It takes into account the indicated target CPA or CPA as well as your campaign history.

The Target CPA strategy is suitable for performance-based campaigns as long as the conversion data is tracked in your Google Ads account. Additionally, it must be applied to an ad group or campaign that has had at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days.

The algorithm can work efficiently with a minimum amount of data. If this is high, the tool will be able to bid accurately.

Target site strategy in search page

If you want to promote a new service, a new product, or implement any other branding strategy, you can choose this solution. The latter allows you to set bids so that your ads are found on the first page of search engines or at the top of the page. Adwords estimates the potentially beneficial bid amount for this process.

Target upgrade rate

With the Target Outranking Rate strategy, Google Ads can automatically adjust your bids to help your ads rank higher relative to another competitor’s domain. If your goal is to improve your reputation or visibility, fill in the target amount of spending. This will allow Google Ads to automatically set your bids to generate the most clicks within your budget.

If you want to increase your conversions, bids will be set automatically to accomplish this task according to the entered budget. However, increases in conversion cost are expected with this strategy. Instead choose Target ROAS or Target CPA, if you want to take advantage of your ROI.

Target ROAS

ROAS or ROAS can be achieved with this bidding strategy to generate maximum revenue or conversions. The Adwords algorithm also sets maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids to improve your conversion rate by ensuring that you achieve your target ROI.

Other BID management software

BID management software or auction optimization platforms are numerous. Useful for advertisers and communication agencies, it allows you to create and manage campaigns on social media and search engines using a single program.

They are essential to the success of your many campaigns, as they are used to predict different scenarios based on the evolution of keyword prices. Among the most used and appreciated BID management tools, you have:

  • Kencho.
  • free software
  • AdCore.
  • DoubleClick: This platform belongs to Google, and is dedicated to managing sponsored link campaigns on social networks and various search engines. Helps increase your return on investment.

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