▷ A Complete Guide to Creating an Effective Email Strategy

In addition to being simple and inexpensive to set up, email marketing remains the most profitable marketing channel (1). Easy to setup and practical for recipients, consistent with the brand image and allowing interaction with potential customers and customers, email marketing has many advantages. To help you set up and/or improve your email strategy Sendinblue has published a complete guide to creating an effective email strategy, which we bring to you in this article…

Click here to download the ‘Developing an Effective Email Strategy’ guide

This very comprehensive and easy to read free guide walks you through every step of your email marketing strategy. Whether your goal is to create conversions, work on your brand awareness, or even retain your customers, in this guide you’ll find the nuggets to make it happen.

The guide helps you:

  • Setting email marketing goals based on your business plan;
  • Define and monitor associated KPIs;
  • Define your character and the audiences associated with it;
  • Grow your mailing list;
  • Define the phases of the customer journey and associate the right email strategy with each one;
  • Identification of the stakeholders of the email marketing project as well as the tools associated with it;
  • split your data;
  • Optimize your existing campaigns (targeting, content, etc.).

In short, you will have a complete view of email marketing and will be able to effectively integrate it into your communication strategy.

Click here to download the ‘Developing an Effective Email Strategy’ guide

5 tips for your email strategy taken from the guide

As an overview, here are 5 tips from the guide.

1: Before your project, remember to clearly define your goals using the SMART method (Example: “Share a discount with your selected loyal customers to achieve a 10% conversion rate in the next quarter.”)

2: Your long-term success depends on your reputation as a sender. To ensure its reputation, it is essential to follow some key performance indicators including open rate, interaction rate, bounce rate, and unsubscribe rate.

3: In order to improve your goal and personality, take surveys With your clients in order to obtain specific information about your ideal client.

4: Live chat devices on your site can be a great source for subscriptions to your email database. The guide details how to set this up and gives other sources for gaining subscribers 🙂

5: Study the different stages of the buying process to link the email marketing action to each stage using automation. I advise you to read the part on this topic in the very interesting guide.

For more tips and advice, I invite you to read the guide.

Download the guide for free

to conclude

In the guide you will find lots of tips and ideas to increase your results tenfold. It’s so complete and brings so much value, it’s also a goldmine if you’re new to email marketing and want to get an overview of this digital leverage.

Happy reading 🙂

About Sendinblue

It is Sendinblue that wrote this white paper. Sendinblue is an integrated digital marketing platform that helps companies around the world accelerate their growth with better marketing campaigns. Designed to adapt to the evolving needs of its customers, the interface is extremely easy to use, and includes the latest emails, transactional communications, marketing automation, SMS, plugins and contact segmentation functions. To connect, share, and transform more possibilities, a tailored Enterprise offering provides exclusive access to additional functions and services, including sub-account management and a dedicated account manager, thus unleashing the power of digital marketing and fostering a trusting relationship with customers.

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  1. $42 in revenue for every dollar spent according to a DMA study

The article was written in collaboration with Sendinblue.

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