Camille Lecointre and Jeremy Millon have resumed training

After a break in the 470 for more than a year after the Tokyo Olympics in the summer of 2021, Camille Lecointre and Jeremy Millon are back in training in Marseille, on the waters of the Paris 2024 Games. A second pregnancy for Camille, multiple experiences for Jérémie, a break that allows them to return better to the 470 .

“Make things more real”

Back to training Jeremy Millon “I’m glad to finally have my nose back, to finally be in business”cheers Jeremy Millon, a colleague of Camille Le Havre at Le Havre.

In fact, since the Tokyo Olympics in August 2021, the duo launched their project: search for partners, technical options, physical preparation, mental preparation, but they have not been able to sail 470, Camille Lecointre is waiting for his second child for this month. May 2022.

Expected recovery of the sailor from Le Havre: “I’m really looking forward to it, it’s been over a year since I got on the boat, and it’s finally going to make things more realistic. The physical and mental preparation allowed us to stay in touch with the project, but it’s not worth the real sailing!”.

For his part, Jeremy Millon was able to discover new props, a Class 40 with Cedric Chateau aboard Jacques Fabre transats, wing chips, and sailing as a crew in regattas in the Mediterranean. “Browsing on other media brought me so much freshness. I go back to the 470 with great passion and never get tired. Having seen worlds other than the Olympics, it allowed me to realize that this game is the one I really like!” He explains.

New challenges to recovery

If browsers are impatient to return to it, the refund will not be without concerns. “There is inevitably a bit of tension because the job listing is activated a lot, last week we loaded the container for the world championship, we don’t want to forget anything! But I know that once we get on the boat it will be really cool!” Jeremy Myon explains.

For Camille Lecointre, after returning from pregnancy, there are necessarily fears of stepping up on a physical level “I have lost muscle mass, strength, and then there are always a few pounds to lose. But I will gradually resume, the main thing is to be satisfied with our condition at that time. I already had this experience during my first pregnancy, it gave me clues, I am Less in the dark.”.

The helmsman will also have another change of management, since she moved to Marseille at the end of the summer, to be closer to the Olympic waters and her teammate: “It will make my life really easier to be there, especially for my family life, and it will allow me to travel less. So we are going to refocus training in Marseille. Since this is the water body of the Olympic Games, we will have no problem organizing training with foreign competitors here!”

World Objective Championship 2022

As a recovery, the duo will participate from October 21-29, in the 470th World Championships to be held in Sdot Yam in Israel. A competition that allows them to compare themselves to the competition and discover themselves in the competition.

“It is the only competition we will be in in 2022, even if it is very close to our resumption, it will allow us to watch the competition we don’t know at all, see where we stand, be ready and competitive for 2023!” Camille LeContre explains.

Jeremiah abounds: “We don’t want to cut corners because it’s been a year since we sailed 470. If we sail smart and come out of the championship in good shape, we’ll score well.”. However, when we talk about results, the competitive side quickly takes over: “I think there is a way we can achieve performance!” Continuing to sail for a year, Camille has fangs. Even if we are clear about the fact that we are a little behind, we are still competitors! » Concludes.

2022 calendar

September: training in Marseille

October 16-18: Israel National Championship

October 21-29: World Championships in Sdot Yam

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