House of Secrets. Back to Arakis

Dune: House of Secrets. Or when the Polish publisher of Portal adapts the blockbuster detective in the Dune universe.

Dune: House of Secrets

With the French version arriving by Iello next October and to follow up on the article announcing the game’s release in the wake of the first movie in October 2021, let’s take a closer look at what Poles of Portal Games has to offer us in the original version of the game. Dune: House of Secrets.

Do you want more desert?

As a preamble, no, I will not give you the history of the epic. We’re really starting to get to know her. Even the least… the geeky amongst us.

I can only tell you my love for the original 6-volume epic. Discovered by chance in 1984, the first volume literally lit up my summer. 40 years later, after re-reading the full course 5 or 6 times, I still love it. Even if the Dune Emperor was still like this… indigestible!

Then all of a sudden, in the midst of the fall 2021 media hype after the release of the Villeneuve saga, several games flooded the tables browsing on a license that became more than bankable! Some are remakes of the 80s or 90s, others are more or less successful creations. A very special idea for the experts of As d’Or Jeux 2022: Imperium Dunes Who hits!

Mixture Overview

Appears for pre-order in July 2021 on the Portal Games website, Dune: House of Secrets Suggestion Detective With aracken sauce. Anyway, that was the promise at the time.

For those who do not know DetectiveRelated Investigation game, narrativeIt combines a board game with “real” web search and a database created for the occasion.

to skim the first draft of Detective And you added it in the video during the big containment of Spring 2020, this Dune: House of Secrets Really, it really made me want it.

So I decided to pre-order the limited edition box. The latter has a more immersive texture. Like a custom wallpaper for each character, adventure location postcards to get a better idea of ​​the places, a larger map of Arrakis, a bag with the Atreides family crest and wooden sequels icons instead of cardboard.

But above all, 3 envelopes. Each will unlock at the beginning of Chapters 1, 2 and 3, in order to add more immersion and personal goals to each character. Will Iello incorporate these additional items into their base box in VF? This does not appear to be the case at the moment.

First impression of Dune: House of Secrets? Hey yo!

Receiving the match in early October 2021. There is drama. Access to the site, which is essential, is impossible before the theatrical release of the film after 3 weeks. I’m chomping a little bit. We’ll have to wait a little longer. Patience is the mother of virtues, as they say.

Open the box. A large stack of tarot sized cards with lots of writing on them, divided into 4 rings. Language proficiency is mandatory! The first episode contains only 10, in order to discover the system and the story in the prologue mode. The other three episodes contain 20 each.

Other smaller cards appear to represent specific characters or objects with text left over. 4 double-sided personal sheets. Resource tokens as well as time and score markers. An introductory sheet for each episode. Dune: House of Secrets Offers very big material for the price But in a big box with a lot of space lost due to a poorly thought out accessory.

Mo Zain, God! (Freeman’s curse)

The characters, two women and two men, are Freemen’s rebels or allies fleeing Atreides. The story takes place after Harkonnen’s betrayal and the purge that followed the events of the first film. They will “join” the local resistance and help…. calm. This is exactly what the different scenarios hide. I will not reveal anything!

time system Detective It is simplified here. We have a number of time slots and each card reading and resulting interactions costs one slot. The characters presented start with 6 slots and the episode has 10 cards. The second starts with 11 slots, 20 cards, etc. So it is impossible to review everything to make sure you get all the information. as such Detectivechoices may be critical to solving the task, and therefore careful prioritization will be necessary.

in Dune: House of Secrets, some of the visited cards will attract the attention of the “new” lords of the place, the Harkonnens, and the path of consequences will increase in danger of seeing events turn on the not-so-secret characters enough. Which will be a double penalty at the end. As all points remaining on the consequences meter will convert to experience points at the end of the episode. You will be able to develop the characters according to your preferences thanks to the stickers, to add them on the cards.

Talk about the characters. Their cards have two sides: active and passive. Regardless of the number of players, the four characters will participate in all episodes. Those who have been played will be exposed. Others will be allies and help in some way using their passive side. An excellent idea where we can shoot the introduction with two people. Then the next three-player adventure by flipping one of the characters from inactive to active, etc. In a way or another. Depending on the availability or desires of your playmates.

thinking machine

Another good thing is the access to the database via the publisher’s website. It was clear that the grandmother on Detective. This brought us a wealth of exceptional information. But non-virtual fans can also be delayed or… crashes during remote games. Another world, other habits.

The dune scientist, since Jihad Butler, has rejected thinking machines and developed the system of human computers: Mentats. But no personalities are part of this elite. The information will therefore be more fragmented, as will the access to the database of this game.

However, it remains a mandatory element of the game to progress in the story. End-of-mission reports as well as proposed leads or decisions will have an impact on the rest of the story.

Various pawns, representing resources, will be crossed during the adventure: armament, water, spice and resourcefulness. It may be recovered or stolen. It will also be used as a bargaining chip during negotiations in order to gain access to certain cards.

The sleeper must wake up!

Looking at the game’s overall rating on Board Game Geek, the US reference site, It’s a disaster of 5.2 out of 10. Many of the comments say “it’s not a game”! It can be understood when one expects a new” Detective In the desert “.

But to me it looks like a file time stories. Without time travel. Maps to discover that open up a story in which we share our choices, somewhat wise, so we hope the outcome is the most favorable.

and like a Detective or one time storiesAnd the Rebooting is almost non-existent. Even if I plan to hide it in my shelves and take it out in a few months to try the experiment again. After all, a significant part of the cards will always remain unknown to me.

Polish publisher Portal Games has hinted, since the game was launched, that it will be the first grain of sand on their journey into the deep desert. In the spring of 2022, some news suggested a March 28 date for the cover and theme of the game’s first expansion.

They specified that some tweaks would be put in place in order to stick to players’ feedback on the feel of Square One. Several months later, it’s September, and it’s still radio silence about it. What about the future of this range? Did the great feedback from the call in turn cool the editor?

Dune: House of Judgment Secrets

Dune: House of Secrets Not Not a bad game. I think it’s very easy for marketing to go through to cast a wide net and attract all of his fans Detective. Big mistake in my opinion. While social networks can praise or bury a game’s reputation even before its release, it’s best to be clear about the proposition to customers.

The second error, I still don’t understand why it’s not an offline app that manages the whole thing. .’s app Fate It immediately comes to mind. Reading is much less than reading Detectivemuch less management of the program in the end. Another bad pointEspecially when the publisher site crashes!

Briefly, in Dune: House of Secretsthere is good, very good, and… lower quality. The approach you take in the game will dominate the experience you get out of.

So put on your distillers, take out your hammers, and prepare to face the Harkonnens in order to uncover dark buried secrets!

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

For the reckless dune bashing lovers

  • Establishing : Jakub Poczęty, Przemysław Rymer, Ignacy Trzewiczek, Weronika Spyra
  • Infographics: Maciej Janek, Mateusz Kobach
  • Editing Gate Games (VO) / Iello (VF)
  • Number of Players and the players : 1 to 4 (works well in 2-3)
  • Recommended age : From 14 years old (Fluent in English or Original Translator)
  • Period : 120-180 minutes (shorter for the intro or episodes if played solo)
  • Trait : Science Fiction
  • Main mechanics : Collaborative, Narrative, Investigation, Legacy

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