This platform allows you to test and compare marketing automation solutions for free

There are many marketing automation solutions on the market. To find the best for their needs, the company should review each individual’s features, pricing, and how it works. It also includes spending several hours in sales and doing demos that don’t necessarily help us with our decision.

To try and compare marketing solutions for free and simply, there is TestBox.

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Find the right marketing solution

In TestBox, you must first choose the automated marketing solutions that you want to try and compare. At the moment, four are offered: HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp. Once the selection is completed and the express registration is complete, the test can begin.

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No more wasting time doing demos. Illustration: The test box.

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We can discover new solutions. Illustration: The test box.

To start the process, it is necessary to click on the logo of one of the solutions that you want to try. Then the main functions of this option are presented in the form of a list: A / B testing, email marketing, lead scoring … It is possible to test each option as a whole, for example by creating a landing page, by designing campaigns or by Automation systems development.

The goal is to understand how the solution works and see if it can be compatible with our uses. Switching from one tool to another takes only a few seconds, making it easy to quickly compare them.

For each of the available features, TestBox allows you to take notes and write comments. Thanks to the slider, we can put a note to indicate how likely we are to recommend the solution to a colleague or loved one. It is also possible to invite collaborators to test the tools in order to get their opinion more easily.

In the Overview tab of the TestBox, it is wise to click the Get Suggestions button to be able to guide your choice. All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire about your business and your needs to get an answer and advice.

The platform also offers several customer support solutions to try, including Zendesk, Help Scout, and HubSpot Service Hub.

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