Mélenchon warms up with Booba who shows it with Magali Berdah

Boba expresses his disappointment with Mlenchon!

The war against the influencers of Bubba sometimes has unexpected repercussions, as evidenced by his exchange with Jean-Luc Melenchon on Sunday. Eli Yaffa did not hesitate to express his disappointment with the former presidential candidate because of his affiliation with Majali Berda, against whom he is waging a fierce war in his battle against the chaos of influencers.

Used to breaking the news for now in the media due to his fight against Magali Berda, Bubba has just been challenged by Melenchon to support his cause. “Instead of sending people in groups, which is not a good thing to do, urge people to come to the Marche Contre la Vie Cherie on October 16, it will do us good.” The politician announced on the “Quelle époque” program on France 2 on Saturday 24 September, revealing that he had discussed with the rapper 92i who, according to him, had started a struggle against capitalism.

I’m not sending anyone to pack it! People have followed my fight, which at first was personal because I cast a spotlight on demons. Face the expensive life when you drive a Lamborghini, it’s complicated JLMelenchon. But help us against influencers The reaction of the former member of the Lunatic group.

Magali Berdah and Mélenchon, B2O Not Validated!

Bubba then posted several tweets that renamed the rally against the rising cost of living drown or swim or Ongoing revolution! Before changing the tune by revealing a private message from someone who claims Mélenchon wants to cash in on his hype but it’s risky because his fans are too nervous.

“The harder the fight, the more beautiful the victory.” booba #March16October: Pirate flags are welcome JLM replied.

Finally, B2O will not join the Mélenchon case due to his association with Magali Berdah. My Pay World translator posted a screenshot showing both of them being very complicit and expressed their disappointment.

Hacking is very frustrating. We won’t walk, we’ll take cold showers! Regrets the French rapper exiled in Miami who just spoke out about a problem Niska in reference to the scandal of his separation from Aya Nakamura.

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