I’m an Amazon seller – a thrift store scramble has earned me $30,000 in the last month

You can earn thousands per month just by reselling thrift store items on Amazon.

TikToker Raikenprofit_official said it was able to sell $30,000 worth of items on Amazon last month, all while listing thrift store finds.


Stephen Raiken, who goes to Raikenprofit_official on TikTok, revealed to his 246,000 followers about the sell-side hustle.

To help others looking to turn a side hustle into a profitable business, Stephen shared just one example.

He found a LEGO Minecraft product in a thrift store and immediately started working for profit.

“I want to share with you how you can analyze how much you will sell, how long it will take, and how much money you will make,” Stephen said.

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By returning the item, finding the barcode, and opening the Amazon Seller app on your phone, you can scan the product using the barcode feature.

This allows you to see how much they sold.

In the case of a LEGO product, it retailed for $44.98.

On the other hand, Stephen only paid $10 for it at his local Goodwill Company.

However, Stephen said of the Amazon seller page: “There are a few important things you’ll want to check on this page.”

First, keep order in mind.

The LEGO set has a rank of 20,000, which means the item is selling out pretty quickly.

You can also see the number of reviews of the product, which was in the case of LEGO 16000.

You can also see the number of merchant sellers and FBA sellers.

“You want to sell as an FBA seller,” Stephen said. “You will earn more money.”

In addition, by clicking on the “Total Output” button, you will see an analysis of how much money you will earn based on what you paid for the product.

For a LEGO set, this was a total of $22.40 based on Stephen’s $10 purchase.

LEGO sets aren’t the only things you can resell on Amazon at a high profit margin.

Books, DVDs, and games also tend to perform well.

In fact, Stephen previously shared tips on how to find the best books at thrift stores and resell them as a high-yielding side business.

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Reselling the best you’ll find from thrift stores on Amazon isn’t the only side hustle that can fetch thousands of dollars a month or even drive you out of ages nine to five.

Another TikTok influencer showed how you can earn thousands by renting litter boxes every week.

Or you can also return the mattresses for online resale to secure some extra cash in your wallet.

Many people don’t have much time, so there are struggles that only take 10 minutes and can bring in $4,000 a week.

If you promote other businesses, you can earn thousands per week from affiliate marketing, one professional marketer has revealed.

You also don’t have to leave your house to make a side hustle worthwhile.

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