I’m a business professional and my side business makes me $5,000 a week. I facilitate the process by following the basic rules.

A business professional has shared several side hustle options that she says can earn you up to an extra $5,000 a week.

Andrea, who uses her username andrea.businesshackss on TikTok, posts a number of videos that “help you stop nine to five and be financially free,” she said in her bio on TikTok.


Andrea posts videos


In her helpful video about side hustle for beginners to earn extra money, she said her side business was earning her an extra $4-5,000 a week.

Her video in April was viewed nearly 100,000 times and garnered nearly 6,000 likes.

“go to the [biography] To start as I did,” came the video caption.

On her TikTok Business Tips page bio, she provides a link to a quiz that says “Start making money online even if you have no experience.”

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drop shipping

The first hustle that Andrea shares in her dropshipping video, which shows her written on a piece of paper on the wall as the video’s voiceover says “Good but until you’re great.” »

The screen text in the video reads “Low profits, long shipping times, high competition.”


The next thing to appear on her joke wall is the “Amazon Private Label”.

When I showed the proposed fuss, the voice of the video said, “You didn’t stick to me.”

Read the text that appears on the screen “High risk, high burden”. “Fierce competition.”

One commented, “What do you mean by Amazon private label? Does it refer to FBA?”

Andrea replied, “Private Label is when you create your own brand, it can be FBA or FBM.”

FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon” and FBM stands for “Fulfilled by Merchant”.


I also suggested Crypto as a side business for beginners.

“Very volatile,” said the onscreen text about Crypto.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can be traded without the need for a central monetary authority such as a government or a bank, according to Nerd Wallet.

Some speculators like cryptocurrencies because they are rising in value and are not interested in accepting coins in the long run as a way to move money. »

digital products

Andrea showcased “Digital Products” in the video as stated in the audio, “You’re third on the pyramid, I was third overall.”

“Low risk and requires product creation and customer service,” she added, to on-screen text about digital products as a potential side business.

According to a blog on Kajabi, a digital product is described as “any product that you sell online that has no physical form or substance.”

“You can’t hold a website template in your hand, smell an e-book, or taste software — Uber Eats comes close, though,” the post explains.

“You can turn digital products into physical products. For example, many people buy e-books in PDF format and then print them on their computer. The product becomes physical, but it started in digital format.”

to print

One of the main tricks Andrea suggested in her video is print on demand.

“Easy to set up but lower profit margins,” the text reads on the screen.

Affiliate Marketing

Finally, it was at the top of Andrea’s “affiliate marketing” pyramid.

She adds that the reason it is at the top is because it has high profit potential, is easy to set up and there are no risks.

According to Andrea, it takes two to three weeks to set up affiliate marketing.

At the top of the pyramid is the bustle of Andrea Kahn


Andrea says affiliate marketing offers high income potential


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