How do you increase the open rate of your newsletter?

You already have an email marketing system in place and you regularly send information to your readers. Whatever the goal, your editorial style or even the frequency of sending your newsletterAnd the You see a problem: Your newsletter isn’t getting readers’ attention.

At the moment, as far as I know, only Sarbacane email tool provides this functionality. I frankly find that being able to analyze readers’ behavior after sending emails is a huge plus.

If you’re not on Sarbacane, and you’re using another tool, there are other factors that may alert you. A low click-through rate on your newsletter may indicate that your customers have not taken the time to read your email. Then, the low opening rate can also reflect the fact that your customers no longer want to read you because you disappointed them in previous emails.

Finally, whatever the situation is for you and whether or not you know if your newsletter is getting your audience’s attention, it won’t cost you anything to improve it a little. No matter how much time you spend reading this article and putting it into practice, you don’t take much risk.

So let’s see together How to increase interest in reading your newsletter.

Provide 3 possible themes for your newsletter to be read

Do you think everyone gives the same time and the same attention to reading your emails? no ? Well, you are right. When you go to send out your awesome newsletter, some will do other things while you open your email. Others will give you their full attention. And you have others who will hover over your email content.

What I suggest you do is not to be told that it is absolutely essential that all your contacts focus 100% on reading your newsletter. But instead, you should put in place procedures that allow everyone to understand the message of your newsletter. Let’s see with 3 typical readers, the information and visuals that should clarify your email.

First, satisfy the reader who will open, scroll, and just scroll through your newsletter. This is the first type of person who will open your email. This person will care about images, buttons, titles, and maybe even words in bold. So be sure to add all of these elements so he can understand what your newsletter is about.

Then you have the person who knows you, opens your email, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time reading it all. So he will start reading the beginning of your letter, and if he doesn’t understand it, he will adopt the behavior of the first reader. So you should work on your introduction and the beginning of your message, so that it is clear and attractive. If so, it will turn out to be an attentive reader, issue #3!

So it is the last type of reader who will open your email and enjoy all its contents. He is likely already a customer or even an ambassador for your brand because he is recommending your products or services to those around him. You don’t necessarily have to take additional actions to fill it out. If your writing style is friendly and doesn’t attract much commercial offer, he will still enjoy reading your newsletter content.

Be regular and schedule a real time for your newsletter

We can never repeat it enough: regularity is extremely important to creating a good newsletter. This is often the reason why many entrepreneurs or VSEs stop using the many benefits of email marketing. Because they are afraid of not being able to maintain a regular rhythm.

However, nothing prevents you from sending out your newsletter every month, so you only have 12 to send in a year.

Interesting to read her newsletter

You can also choose to change your sending rate during the year. Even if that’s not what I’d recommend to you, if you warn your readers beforehand, it won’t be as dramatic.

The goal is really to make a date and make sure your audience You expect to receive your email. In this way, you will gradually enter into their routine. We all have routines depending on the day of the week, and if you send out your newsletter every Monday at 6 a.m., it’s part of your readers’ routine.

For them, Monday would be a rhyme with the newsletter reading “…” at 7 in the morning while I drank my coffee and back to work at 8:30 in the morning. Even if it’s a bit cartoonish. Same issue for Sunday evening, at BtoC you send out your newsletter at 8pm, and readers will be informed of certain news before the week starts.

In addition to receiving regular email, you can also remind your audience of the day you sent your newsletter through social networks. This can allow you to “harass” the content that it will contain. Thus to arouse the desire of your future customers.

But Create a truly regular eventAn appointment between you and the reader!

Learn how to better target to reach the right readers

We’ve seen previously that not everyone you send your newsletter to will give you the same level of attention. So to make sure this parameter is increased, I recommend you to customize your emails further.

I’m not talking about adding fields like a person’s first or last name. But instead, you just send your newsletter to a certain type of person. Those who open your emails most often, eg. This way, you won’t be annoying others in your audience with your message.

To create this kind of strategy, you need Learn how to split your lists with automation. To put it simply, users who open your emails regularly and click on links will be added to a list called “Fantastic Customers”. The rest will remain in the initial list.

the news

Of course, this is a very simplified example, you can create intermediate lists or play with other parameters. Business hours can also be a good way to segment.

Once you segment your audience, this is the best time to get them interested in reading your newsletter.

Why not create multiple versions of the same newsletter, send it at different times or target a different audience. Depending on people’s age or behavior, not everyone will hack your writing style or your photos in the same way.

Finally, you should also learn Clean your lists regularly. Delete scam emails, ask to remove those who stopped opening your emails. Or automate everything using automatic defragmentation. This will prevent you from continuing to annoy people who no longer want to contact you. And on the other hand, to see what your stats really are.

Provide truly special content in your newsletter

The people who provide you with contact details and email address have already made a move towards you. They subscribe to your newsletter, and they trust you. Do you think they should be treated like regular visitors to your blog. Or the people who follow you on social media?

Generate interest in reading your newsletter

In my opinion, it is important to ensure that they do not receive the same information from you. Be warned, this does not mean that you should be unhappy with those who are not part of your mailing list. But more than that, we really cherish your email list subscribers.

For this, I recommend that you Offering two things: transparency and content with a very high added value.

This means, for example, that you can show them the test results. You can tell stories and tell a part of your story that you don’t want to be featured on your networks or site. Give them the best books, exercises, or videos you’ve followed that you recommend. You can also organize contests only for these people.

You will understand, and bring them content that reflects their commitment and loyalty to your following. They should feel privileged and for that, give them real nuggets in every email.


You now know 4 actions to take to allow you to keep more readers’ attention on your newsletter. Pay attention to the people who have already emailed you and who are on your mailing list. Because it is much easier to retain customers than to gain new ones.

However, if you are still having trouble converting customers on your list, it could be because there are not enough emails in your list. For a long time, in my first job, I sought to improve my products, emails, and marketing. But what I’ve been really missing is actually more subscribers to my email list. Here is an article that will help you increase the number of subscribers in your mailing list

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

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