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A recent study showed that advertising mail has its place in multi-channel marketing campaigns, and is a performance vector. Find out the results in detail.

Advertising mail is a favorite in multi-channel campaigns, and not just in any of them. In fact, according to a study conducted by the American marketing platform PFL, marketers believe that sponsored mail, as well as events (physical and digital: seminars, conferences, etc.) are Most effective (82% each) To reach their goals, before outbound marketing actions (71%). An increasing result of postal advertising, as this same number was 78% for the 2019 edition of this study.

Built-in multi-channel campaign, send advertising mail increase its performance 84% of respondents: 11% very strongly, 39% moderate and 34% slightly.

In what proportion? Le ROI des campagnes intégrant des courriers publicitaires sont bons, voire très bons pour deux tiers des marketers (66%), alors que ce taux baisse à un peu moins de la moitié (48%) lorsqu’aucun courrier publicitaire n’est n’est Country. Similarly, the response rate is about 77% with ad mail, and 65% without it.

audience question, operational objectives Reaching them is often more complex via marketing campaigns. These are also the messages for which advertising mail is appropriate to reach 75% efficiency.

(71% for events and 56% for email).

Target end users are most receptive to events (81%) and content sharing* (79%), closely followed by advertising mail (77%) and email (76%).

When it comes to reaching sales and marketing groups, content sharing is the most effective (86%), followed by events (82%) and ad mail in third place alongside display, with an efficiency of 74%.

Regarding the most popular ad mail formats in multi-channel campaigns, cPostal art comes first (57%)It is followed by letter (51%), 3-D flyer or mail (39%), large-format cards (35%) and capital letters (13%).

Finally, the study suggests that mail-paired data is a guarantee of efficiency. Among respondents, among those who use data regularly and often, 72% said they are able to improve Highly customized or even fully customized advertising mail, compared to 36% for those with little or no data. Shortage since allocation is synonymous with performance.

* Inbound marketing practice: posting content on third-party websites

Source: Multi-Channel Marketing Status Report 2020, PFL

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