High-level sport: Cnosc presents the strategic plan

Knossic stressed that it counts on the efforts of national sports federations, intimacy associations, its main sponsor, the Ministry in charge of Sports and other decision-makers to revive the dynamics of high-level sport. The aim is to do everything in its power to eliminate the absence or simple participation of Congolese athletes in various continental and international competitions.

The strategic plan proposed by Raymond Ibata targets the podium for Congolese athletes at the Youth Olympic Games in 2026 and the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles 2028. For the first time, our action will be scheduled over a period beyond the duration of the Olympics. One of these themes, the preparation and participation of our high-level athletes, aims for the podium at the Dakar 2026 Youth Olympic Games and the Los Angeles 2028 Summer Olympics ‘, with ‘Raymond Ibata’ underlined.

The President of Cnosc, on the one hand, requested the participation of the entire Congolese Olympic and Sports Movement, and on the other hand, other decision-makers and partners in order to respond to the challenge launched. Over half a century of participation, Congo has never won a medal at the Olympic Games. He also insisted on establishing a sports system called Olympic Sports Schools. ” This organization will allow us to forge a new path adapted to our reality. “, He said.

During this opening session, Cnosc endorsed the affiliation of the national sports federations of Roulette, Sambo, Kickboxing and Kimbo, and then confirmed Victor Tampa as Chairman of the High Level Sports Committee. Jan Ganga is the Chairman of the Sports for All Committee. August Nkunku chairs the Committee on Culture and Education. Dr. Jacques Nguyenimba Gulu will chair the medical committee, while Fernand Roman Ondono is in charge of the legal committee. The Marketing, Communications, Finance, Sports and other Environment committees fall respectively under the responsibility of Jean-Marie Okona, Fidel Bade and Ghislaine Kinwani. As for the Independent Electoral Commission, it is chaired by Auguste Itsala, while the Ethics Committee is supervised by Emil Benveno Bacalli.

Cnosc completed its Executive Committee with the election of three new members. Jean-Baptiste Ossi was elected Deputy Secretary-General. Born Mrs. Boisseau, Makela becomes Jeanne Claudette, born as General Treasurer, assisted by Jean-Claude Etois.

The point regarding the selection of the audit firm has been deferred to the next general meeting due to the delay in sending the candidate application files. Cnosc also sent a letter to the mayor of Brazzaville with the aim of evacuating the anarchic residents of the Nkéoua site.

According to Cnosc, the Confederation of African National Committees is looking for another country that will likely host the Youth Olympic Games in 2023 because Egypt has abandoned its organization as initially planned.

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