▷ 7 Free Tools to Create a Quick Design for Your Emails

To achieve success in your email marketing strategy, designing your emails should not be neglected! It should be accessible and visually appealing, because remember that its recipient very rarely lasts longer than 13 seconds. But how do you go about that?

Free Quality Design Tools

Focus the attention of subscribers on an airy scheme, choosing among the various existing structures, in the form of a columnar, zigzag or inverted pyramid, with beautiful and improved visuals. These should be 1200px, compatible with certain types of screens, accompanied by short text, but with rich content, and ultimately a call to action, which is the main objective of your newsletter.

There are many free tools that allow you to design unique and eye-catching emails compared to those of competitors. Subscribers to newsletters are constantly visually prompted on their computers and/or smartphones. It is therefore essential to choose a design that is out of the ordinary and relevant to your graphic charter.


At a time when mobility has become a way of life for the vast majority of your customers, HubSpot is also adapting emails that are read on a computer as much as those read on a smartphone. Another important feature, this tool provides insert customization buttons that you can only use for sales emails. In this way, you can modify the content sent to the recipients according to their profiles.

In addition, marketing analytics supports your team so that they can identify your audience and determine the best strategy for improving your conversion rate. It can also see what periods of time your readers review emails you sent them, an important piece of information to prevent them from simply being ignored or tossed in the trash at times when your subscribers aren’t concentrated.

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Once you open an email, your recipient should be instantly seduced by the banner. The goal is to get him to read the rest and pay attention to the content. To do this, you can select the templates that best suit your needs from the many templates offered on Canva.

It is customizable according to the recipients, but also according to the occasions. It can be an email to advertise your company or product, or for a promotion in the context of certain events, such as year-end celebrations, birthday parties for your brand … You can choose the size of the banner, go to the library to select images or icons to be combined in the text of messages your email. You can replace it as necessary, add a background and play with colors and shapes depending on the image you want to give your work.


It is often difficult to find free, high-quality images on the Internet, as most of them are subject to copyright, the licenses of which are sometimes very expensive. Unsplash is a Canadian, Montreal-based website where hundreds of thousands of photographers from all walks of life share their photos. They are royalty-free with a Creative Commons CCO license. Therefore, you have a very large collection of high-resolution images that you can download and use for various purposes, even professional ones, without incurring penalties.

design seeds

The visual image of the email plays a major role with the readers. You choose a banner that conveys your brand image and values, beautiful images to illustrate your content. However, this is not always enough to make an impression. Remember that the free software available to you to work on the design of your emails can be customized according to your needs, but also according to your goal. This is why choosing the right colors is imperative. But knowing how to combine them is not given to everyone. With Design Seeds, you have the perfect tool. It provides you with a set of cool images that come with a color scheme, so that you can choose the shades that suit you best and match each other.


There are a variety of tools that help you find the color or colors that are ideal for your email design. The goal is always to set the minds of the readers so that they will want to go further to learn about your company. ColorZilla is one of them. This is a Mozilla extension that you will find under the name Eye Dropper if you are using the Chrome browser. If the previous tool was useful to you for arranging colors, this one is meant to help your web developers and graphic designers find a specific color and the icon that corresponds to it so that they can find it whenever they want to. need it, using a color picker (or a dropper).

Electronic target

eTarget is a digital marketing platform, a premium ally of email and text campaigning companies, which comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It gives you access to around 70 templates, all of which are customizable so that you can make changes if the design doesn’t meet your expectations. You can also preview your emails on different media so that they can be edited before sending. Style and beauty are prioritized with eTarget, with a convenient interface accessible to everyone, beginners and experts alike. You can schedule and automate the sending of their emails and use the basic landing page editor to drive readers to convert, among other things.


MailJet, an email tool for optimizing your email marketing campaigns, introduces Passeport, a responsive, mobile-friendly email marketing builder. It is a drag and drop tool with which you can edit content and add images and video media. Customization includes inserting your company logo into the title banner and choosing beautiful colors and appropriate fonts. You can make updates without having to redo everything, because previously made manipulations are saved in the draft. To get an overview before sending your emails to your subscribers, you have a preview feature that allows you to correct certain details, but also to ensure that your emails are displayed correctly on the computer screens and on the recipients’ mobile phones.

In short, the importance of design should not be overlooked when composing your emails and wanting to improve them, as it is your first contact with your future interlocutors. There are many free, high-quality templates from which you can choose the one that matches your brand image. Avoid texts that are too long and too compressed. Take care of your headline and craft your content in such a way that the reader is directed to a call to action. Many image banks now offer beautiful and improved images, use the ones of the right size to grab the reader’s attention. It must be accompanied by a clear and concise description of the subject matter of the email.

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