Tips for monetizing podcasts

For some people, the podcast launched by the brand makes them want to buy a product related to the company. The latter is rich and opens up great marketing prospects. So how to monetize a podcast in 2022 ? Here are the tips and levers needed for successful audio content.

Publish your podcast to major broadcasting platforms

Obviously, without the advent of music streaming services, the podcast boom wouldn’t have happened. The main app was Apple Podcasts. Now the app is the best online podcast listening site yet spotify Acquired a podcast company. Apart from that, Deezer also offers a podcast service.


Most podcast creators publish their content on all possible platforms to diversify sources of income and listening. In order to allow you to stream your audio files, Osha It will help you better organize your entire ecosystem around your adventures.

Change the sound in the video

The other medium preferred by content creators is video, but in the podcast version. Simply put, podcast creators record their content and convert it into the form of a podcast transcript. When creating this format, the audio must be placed on a video tape. Then, you have to export it as a video to put it on major platforms like YouTube.

In fact, podcast clients are used to this method, and it is also popular on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. This doubles as both a viewership and a revenue source, with sites like YouTube paying content builders.

Moreover, to add a visual touch to your podcast, you can insert subtitles to play the video.

Broadcast your podcast on your online sales site

In the face of the popularity of podcasts, many content creators are now posting their episodes on their online selling sites. Here, the goal is to monetize the activities.

Because of the excellent content Provides By podcast creators, customers choose to purchase the audio.

with WiziShopWith just a few clicks, you can sell your digital products in your photo on merchant websites. this is the solution SaaS It takes care of all the management of your online sales site. So just focus on recording your audio content and marketing to recruit new listeners.

A team of business coaches support you every day in improving your presentation.

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Selling a podcast: monetization levers

How to monetize your podcast

Pay via streaming sites

First, if you publish your podcast on a streaming platform, keep in mind that the app may pay you directly. Even with the very low prices, it will still pay off when you begin your podcast adventure.

on the podium spotify1,000 plays of the funnel will net the creator net $3.50. You’ll need a lot of plays to replicate this lever. But it can also finance some activities related to the promotion and promotion of podcasts.

Find a podcast funding partner

Your audio content may appeal to some brands. Thus, the latter can support you in designing your podcast by means of advertising or sponsorship.

In fact, brands can choose to present their place during, before or after audio content. There are also brands that choose to fund content.

Achieving this stage will be much easier when your reputation begins to direct you to this area. Note that many brands are turning to this type of partnership because ads in podcasts don’t harm internet users.

Sell ​​its contents

Brands may ask you to work with them if you have good quality content that is recognized by the audience. At this point, you will be selling your content so that brands can publish your content directly.

Consider membership

Affiliate is the process of selling or recommending another site’s products or services by receiving a percentage on each sale.

In short, belonging to a podcast is a collaboration with other companies or brands. So you have the opportunity to generate sales from your audio content, and thus earn money with every conversion.

Derivatives sale

When your podcast gets a bad reputation, you can consider selling derivative products in your campaign image.

In addition, you can build a file Electronic shop And get people to buy products that display your logo or topics covered in your content.

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