Media Gatherings 2022: Report Wednesday, September 14

Last Wednesday, September 14, the first day of the meetings of the Marquis Media Consortium took place. During the morning, 5 advertising agencies presented their strategy for 2022-2023 in turn to about a hundred advertisers and media agencies present on the Internet. 100% Media, event partner, returns today to the main lines of Reworld MediaConnect, Twitch, Clear Channel and M6 Publicité interventions.


2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Reworld Media, which continues its strong growth and positions itself, through 14 million daily contacts, as the leading media and communication company in France. The group affirms its ambition to “inform, train, connect and meet” through its content, experts, innovative technologies and events.

The group also places corporate social responsibility at the center of its issues, emphasizing the importance of development while preserving its values, and in particular its entrepreneurial culture. Thus, the group deploys an ambitious “TOP” CSR strategy, based on transfer, improvement and promotion, with a strong focus on training.

With a unique portfolio of 80 media brands divided into 12 thematic realms, Reworld MediaConnect is more committed than ever to supporting brands by supporting them throughout the marketing and sales funnel, and by offering multiple activations to media touchpoints, excluding media, print or Digital. With a focus on digitizing the corporate communications market, the agency offers solutions to revitalize all digital levers: responding to SEO challenges, offering with data-fueled, ultra-accurate segmentation, social media and e-commerce-focused retail and direct shopping, affiliate like plus a pool of qualified leads, adapting Consistently with the needs of brands. All proposed solutions are geared towards achieving common goals with brands.



Melissa Simone He returned to the importance of brands for the understanding of current generations. With its status as a primary place for these generations, Twitch supports brands in turning this new goal into a possibility thanks to:

  • personal creation
  • Impact Streams
  • Care
  • Featured Media : An opportunity to give content creators control over when and for how long in-stream video ads appear on their channels

Twitch is launched Twitch Gamblin Global Advertising Certification to help advertisers and media agencies learn how to engage live audiences and harness the power of advertising on Twitch. as such brand partnership studio, To create unique content.

The only service where current generations find everything they want and the main viewer of the “Twitch Generation”, the service explains its growth thanks to experiences born from games, which are more community, connected, decentralized and which expand today’s content and culture.


clear channel

Claire Channel is 100 years old!

100 years of adaptation and support for the different eras that will be celebrated this year with the publication of a book highlighting the billboards and their creations. Iraqi Boutaina Clear Channel is intended to be a platform for brands and a platform for collective benefit through commitments to innovation and environmental and solidarity transition.

Clear Channel’s unique presence across the entire consumer journey (street/transportation/shopping malls) and across all sales channels (over-the-counter and automated) allows brands and retailers to responsibly send relevant messages to as many as possible.

So Clear Channel’s ambition is to continue creating the future of media outside the home in order to continue to be a media that invests in the common good and a “better life” together thanks to the public infrastructures it develops and royalties. They belong to public and private donors, actors on the street with citizens and consumers. This, while allowing brands to communicate in a manner that is geographically specific, democratic, inclusive, informative and effective.


M6 . ad

At M6 Publicité, the future begins now

The context in which we operate is changing and forcing us to anticipate what tomorrow’s advertising will look like. At M6 Publicité, tomorrow’s announcements will be:

Together: Propaganda That Unites

  • Consumed by almost 3 out of 4 French people daily, TV and radio media always generate greater influence for brands.
  • In this context, our channels, stations and providers are more popular than ever with the French.
  • In terms of video, our offer adapts to the uses of each target (TV, AVOD, social platforms). This is what our partnership with Snapchat means to tackle younger goals.
  • Finally, our brands and licenses, due to their closeness to the French, now shine beyond our borders: new pitches must be explored.

Getting Closer: More Convergence of Digital Television

  • M6 Publicité and Médiamétrie are committed to advancing TV/Video audience measurement to create more value for advertisers.
  • In 2023, split TV advertising will launch with greater reach, greater inventory and more targeting.
  • Self-service access to our media will be expanded and we will continue to develop their automated accessibility to increase productivity.

Share: more responsible ads

  • Our programs are committed to supporting the French by increasing their awareness of environmental and societal changes, while continuing to keep them entertained.
  • M6 Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility division presents a concrete business plan around 6 pillars.
  • M6 Publicité offers solutions to promote responsible branding campaigns and announces a partnership with Miimosa, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to agricultural and food transformation.

The next day of the Marquis Union’s media meetings will be held next Wednesday 21st. in the program :

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