“You can very well manage your search accurately and at no extra cost without Google Analytics”

Wizali is one of the lucky ones cited by CNIL as being able to configure to use analytics under the GDPR. The French startup has announced a donation of 6 million euros.

J.D.N. You are a French startup that was launched five years ago. Does Cnil’s decision to make Google Analytics illegal as it is and your listing of GDPR compliant analytics solutions boost your business?

Stanislas de Vittorio is the CEO and founder of Wizali. © Wizali

Stanislaus de Vittorio. Citing in such a context is an advantage insofar as people ask themselves questions about the tool they are going to use. But these decisions are not necessary for our activity, which is not intended to replace Google Analytics. Our value proposition is much broader than that of the Analytics Tool, which means we are not in direct competition with Google. So the effect is not direct.

Some players are complaining that replacing Google Analytics is cutting them off from the advertising tools that allowed them to perform analytics-assisted activations. One direct result is making search more expensive to gain traffic. What do you think ?

You can’t use GA and live perfectly well by controlling your search precisely and at no extra cost. Google Analytics is the verdict and tip. We try to provide our customers with the tools that allow them to judge and improve their investment both in Google search and in many other media and levers.

How do you continue to operate accurately by severing the link between analytics tools and advertising?

Based on the intelligence that statistical and aggregate data can give you. Thanks to the various data accessed, it is possible to determine that for a specific Internet user profile with a specific visit history, a particular channel or message should be preferred.

You are a multi-channel referral solution that integrates the Analytics module. What is your privacy?

We are a multi-channel referral solution aimed at helping companies understand the business impact of each of their interactions with their customers both online and offline. We are not a purely digital player: we work with both online and offline to measure the impact of digital marketing efforts online and vice versa. We do this with a vision that focuses on both products and audiences to understand how the brand interacts with and is affected by different offerings. What is critical to us is that our clients save money through the analytics and statistics we provide to them.

“Among our clients, I can name Conforma, Air France, or Engie.”

What is your customer profile?

Our customers can be any company for which digital is an important business issue. I can quote from Conformama, Air France or Engie. For many of them, the internet is still a central issue, while the bulk of their business is done offline. Today, the touchpoints and interactions between a brand, its prospects, and its customers are many and occur both digitally and in real life. To have a comprehensive view, it is essential to be able to integrate them all.

How exactly do you access all this data?

We are integrated into the entire digital ecosystem – media, social networking, Google, display platforms, affiliation, CRM tools for our customers -) and also on an ad-hoc basis with our clients’ ownership systems, for example, online matchmaking and offline purchase data.

Your business is highly dependent on personal data. How can you do this while still complying with the GDPR?

We collect personal data without drawing individual tracks. We do not enable retargeting. We produce statistics using AI algorithms while being careful to hash all this data and keep it to a minimum. We have two ways to access it. Either on the basis of consent or on the basis of legitimate interest. In this second case, the data is less precise and less numerous, but it has the advantage of letting us draw lessons from it. For example, we can, on the basis of legitimate interest, find out whether a person who visited the site made the transfer without activating it or verify their data using third-party offline purchase data.

Where are you in your development and how will this first elevator serve you?

Today, Wizali is a 25-person company that serves about fifty customers, 20% of whom are in the United States. One aspect that I really like to point out is that the Internet is first and foremost an American industry. So selling a French solution to Americans is a testament to the quality of our technology. We’ve been profitable for six months. This fundraising will help us accelerate the technical development of the Wizaly platform and its international roll out. We plan to spread to Germany and Great Britain next year.

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