The first campus dedicated to digital careers opens its doors

The Digital College of Tunis, the private higher education institution dedicated exclusively to digital professions, opens its doors. Digital College opens its first campus in Tunisia after launching 14 campuses in France and abroad.

Digital College Tunisia enriches the higher education sector with developmental training that meets student expectations and corporate needs.

The member of the College of Paris, the school located in the legendary City Jardin, in the heart of Tunis, will, from the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year, offer several innovative courses accessible from the baccalaureate, which can again last 6 years, from BA to MSc in Management Business and internationally compliant in the best of digital marketing.

Initially or alternately, face-to-face or online on a digital campus, each course leads to the award of a diploma recognized by the French state and registered in the RNCP (National Register of Professional Certifications, at levels 6 and 7 as defined by the European Union) and a Qualiopi Certificate , which indicates the quality of the process implemented by the organization in accordance with national quality standards.

With this fourth institution in Africa and the first in the Maghreb, the Digital College translates its confidence in Tunisia as a regional center for high-level higher education and tends to be a part of it, by offering its support and expertise to Tunisian youth in order to prepare them today for the jobs of tomorrow and provide them with the tangible experience that recruits expect . The Digital College will train the “Digital Managers” of tomorrow with a professional apprenticeship, which companies in this sector are eagerly awaiting.

Educational innovation for the digital college:

The digital college’s boldness is embodied in the institution’s innovative pedagogy. In fact, the school operates on an innovative teaching dynamic where the development and well-being of the student are the main factors of the education strategy. The first pillar of the school’s thinking is to offer students a place where it is good to live while they study so that they embrace that space and make it a place to share and learn.

The functional and ergonomically designed campus provides students with fun and family work spaces. The classrooms and amphitheater make use of the latest facilities: video projectors, interactive whiteboards, fiber optic internet connection, etc. in order to provide optimal teaching conditions and quality assurance in knowledge sharing. The facility also has an attached library, conference room, multimedia computer graphics, editing room, computer room, cafeteria, and co-working spaces.

The campus aims to create an environment conducive to scientific growth, creativity and interaction between various parties in order to promote excellence and quality of teaching. The vision of the school is to make training a facilitator for integration into professional life with guaranteed employability from the beginning of the course via professional immersion in companies, integration internships, study trips and visits to other international centres. Moreover, the school calls loudly and clearly: “We don’t recruit the elite, we train them.”

Ms. Faten Benaissa, Campus Director of Tunis, is convinced of the importance of digitization as an accelerator of development and a lever for job creation, and declares: “The Digital College Tunis Campus aims to train a new generation of experts in the digital field to meet market needs and job expectations. We will do everything we can. It is in our power to help our students achieve achievement whatever their background, thanks to a different social experience and very concrete teaching.”

The goal is to increase the productivity and competitiveness of young graduates using: “An agile and pioneering educational approach based on the ‘learning by doing’ method that allows the student to be represented in his learning and to develop his skills in reality. In partnership with a large network of companies and startups in the digital economy.”

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