How to reconcile GDP and data by 2023?

squeeze out big data Well accessed and true: Marketing and Communication majors are no exception. But what exactly is it? It is a tangle of complex data which, among themselves, constitute a very large data set. The exchange speed of the latter is very fast, so the process of dealing with it must be complicated. In addition, there is a huge diversity of information, thus forming a very heterogeneous and accurate group for analysis … which can frighten more than one.

So, how do you think your marketing to be Data based ? What are the opportunities for brands? In the age of digital pollution, how can they handle data responsibly? What are the challenges arising from the new GDPR regulations ? To address all these issues, Collab organization Webinar on September 29 !

Data, the holy grail of companies

Data has become an invaluable resource for many companies, willing to pay a heavy price to collect reliable data and thus generate profits. But in this constant flow, how about personal information ? Where are they loyal? Who can access it? What laws have been put in place to guarantee our rights? This is where the GDPR – or General Data Protection Regulation – comes in.

This regulation has been prepared by CNIL in order to regulate the processing of personal data within the European Union, and is part of the continuity of the law “Computing and Freedom” of 1978. In particular, EU citizens are allowed the right to inspect and amend data relating to them. On the business side, it allows professionals to conduct their digital activities in a transparent manner towards users with a reliable foundation of trust. Note that the GDPR regulations were updated on April 1, 2021, which affected cookie management.

Corporate compliance

In a technological world in perpetual motion, how taming changes And make sure their digital activities comply with the law? What do you do when you have little or no knowledge in this field, while carrying out your business activities?

The General Data Protection RegulationMore than just a framework to stick to, it’s also a source of opportunities for businesses. The key is knowing how to anticipate in order to accommodate the upcoming changes, this is to stay one step ahead in a market where competition won’t give you a gift!

In this context, the expert group Collab, located in Paris, and specializes in marketing, communications and digital, and offers a webinar on the topic. authorized “Analytics and GDPR Horizon 2023: What are the business plan and opportunities for businesses?”. will be held on September 29th On Zoom, it will contain a lot of comments.

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Do you want to understand your company’s digital future with peace of mind? know all about Google Analytics ? Are you simply looking to reconcile data collection with the GDPR? Whatever your level of knowledge, experts Collab He will be able to provide you with all the answers to your questions during this webinar.

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They will speak during the webinar:

  • Margot Pellet Leroy, founder of Frénétique e-commerce and expert in traffic management and data marketing analyst;
  • Robin Connecticut, founder of the Data Gen podcast;
  • Margo Brasseur, Director of Marketing and Communications at Docks Vauban;
  • Stéphanie Sioën-Gallina is a personal data lawyer at the SSG.

This roundtable will be moderated by La Collab co-founder, Celia Chauvet.

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