Equi Bride digitized her business for survival, marketing and sales

Sebastien Mognier isn’t afraid to say it: “We’re back in some form of routine.” Founding Entrepreneur Equi . bridle In 2007, after a few years he spent in mass distribution. The saddleslocated in premises of 800 m² in Lycos, near Fougeres in Brittany, and has always specialized in the sale of riding equipment for practicing riders endurance cycle.

Over the years, the company has made a name for itself in the world of endurance racing, even to the point of shipping its products abroad, particularly to Dubai. The company does not talk about its turnover, but claims that it has been constantly increasing since its inception. until 2020.

“When the health crisis started, we hit a wall,” admits the 38-year-old businessman. containment the bell rang Competition season, and riders no longer need equipment if restrictions prevent them from riding. The company’s sales are declining.

Focus on digital

The company, which employs 8 people and ships its products worldwide, also manufactures its products Special accessoriesWhich accounts for about 7% of its sales. These, like the rest of the company’s catalog, are marketed on their website, but are also presented during equestrian competitions held in the region.

without hopeOut of stockEqui Bride’s financial situation is becoming increasingly difficult: “Our bank denied access to PGE. Our employees were underemployed and the company was almost non-existent. We considered closing the store,” the entrepreneur says with a touch of bitterness.

With a clear head, and after discussing it with his bands, Sebastien Mognier decided to invest more, Riptide From the gloomy atmosphere at the time. If physical sales are now impossible, we might also focus on digital technology: “Until then, we’ve been giving our online store a facelift every two or three years, by pumping in a few thousand euros. This time, we’ve invested everywhere 40 thousand euros of equityWorking with a new partner. “We were able to set up user guides, but also basket reminders,” explained Sebastien Maugnier.

The experience is compelling, as digital sales From 30% to 55% of the total between the pre-crisis period and today. This new tool is more practical and clear for customers, but also more flexible.

Expand your team and range

In particular, it allows Equi Bride to increase the size of its catalog. An advantage that will be very practical, as Sebastien Mognier has taken advantage of the health crisis for diversify its range : “We started offering jumpers products, which we hadn’t done before. »Enough to increase the number Customer potentialwithout the need to radically change its activity.

The company also worked on its communications. Equi Bride has appointed two interns, responsible for digital marketing and management social networks. A mission previously carried out by Sebastien Mognier. They produce content to feed the accounts, and they manage the company’s strategy regarding influencers: “They create real content. watch the topic. “We organize competitions and distribute promo codes in partnership with influential people in the equestrian world,” explains Sebastien Mognier.

Once again, the strategy pays off: “Sometimes we go to big equestrian events with the team and have to give up our social networks because of the intense work. This is directly reflected in the sales numbers. When we go back to Brittany, we need two weeks to get back to our previous numbers! Says the owner The project.

Skip the obstacles

Barely returned to the path of growth, the company faces new problems. She, like many others, suffers consequences global logistics crisis. The result is an increase in the price of raw materials, and therefore the cost of their products, but also significant delays in delivery from their suppliers.

this is Explosion of dates and prices Affects customers: “Everything has gone up, from diesels keeping trucks working, to equestrian competitions, to boxes to packing produce. The number of references that can be submitted is also in free fall. Every morning, two people take an hour or two to check if they can be shipped. Products on the site. »

What inevitably exhausts the teams, but not enough to undermine the confidence of Sebastien Mognier, who saw others.

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