Pub: This secret communications project to track you without cookies

“We are not communicating about this.” asked by ChallengesBouygues Telecom, Inc., telephone operator. Not a word on TrustPid, this SIM-linked advertising ID project developed by British company Vodafone, to which Bouygues Telecom is linked as part of a reversal of publishing in Europe. On the side of rival Orange, we’re hardly more detailed. “Orange is linked to the working group, assures Tom Wright, press attache at Orange,” but there is nothing concrete to announce today, particularly about France. According to the specialized site Quiet, SFR will also participate in the project. The Altice Group Company did not want to answer our questions.

If the topic of privacy is explosive for French operators, Vodafone is keen to present its project as the opposite of Big Brother. TrustPid may indeed be a tool, which, far from spying on users, prefers to give them power, according to the British operator. “TrustPid makes a large part of today’s digital marketing possible, without the need for third-party cookies that facilitate excessive user profiling,” said Simon Poulter, a spokesperson for Vodafone.

Programmed death of third-party cookies

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