How much is imminent payment for you?

Exceptional Back to School Bonus. The new inflation premium must be paid starting Thursday, September 15th.

[Mise à jour du mardi 13 septembre 2022 à 15h19] How much will you receive in your bank account starting Thursday? The inflation premium, also called exceptional solidarity assistance, must be paid by September 15. This financial aid pertains to recipients of certain social minimums – such as RSA – scholarship students, low-income workers, and APL recipients. The amount of the inflation allowance is 100 euros for each beneficiary, plus 50 euros for each child. “It’s paid out automatically, he points out to the Family Allowance Fund on its website. You don’t have to take any steps to take advantage of it.” Remember to check your bank details in your beneficiary space.

Note: for Activity Allowance recipients, “the amount of their assistance will be €28, plus €14 for each dependent child”, is a nuance of the Public Service website. We completed “This batch will be made in mid-November.”

How much is the inflation premium in 2022?

The government provided the details. The 2022 inflation bonus amount is 100€ per family and 50€ per child. For a family of two adults, including an RSA beneficiary, and two children, the inflation premium is up to €200.

Who will get the 2022 inflation bonus? Conditions

The emergency aid paid at the beginning of the school year belongs only to beneficiaries of certain benefits:

  • spa
  • aah,
  • Chinese People’s Liberation Army,
  • RSA,
  • activity bonus
  • Scholarship students.

The reference family tax income is not studied in advance. “The organization that pays these benefits is usually the one that will pay the assistance, CAF explains on its site. This assistance will be paid to scholarship students who do not receive Crous housing assistance.”

When will the inflation premium be paid in September 2022? Date

The Extraordinary Assistance must be paid back to school on September 15, 2022. All practical details, including the date and terms of payment, must be specified in a decree to be published.

Will the inflation premium be paid monthly?

no. The Extraordinary Back-to-School Assistance is exceptional, as its name suggests. Not intended to become permanent. On the other hand, the government has been working for several years to create a food voucher for the most modest people, to help them buy high-quality food products in short circles. At this point, no method has been revealed, although the principle of food inspection has already been verified in the text of the law.

In what cases does CAF pay an inflation bonus?

The Family Allowance Fund pays exceptional solidarity assistance in September 2022 to recipients of the social minimum, such as RSA and activity bonus. You don’t have to do anything beforehand. Payment is made automatically.

Will retirees benefit from the inflation premium?

Retirees will be able to take advantage of the 2022 inflation bonus, provided they have the minimum old age limit (ASPA). Note: On July 1, the basic pension will be retroactively increased by 4%.

What about RSA recipients?

RSA recipients are among the recipients of the inflation premium. You don’t have to do anything upstream. Payment will be made automatically through your Family Benefit Fund.

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