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TheEM Normandy Foundation pArticle – Commoditye In thePromote academic excellence and to me Promote activitiess teacher-researchers From’eThe school. As such, it awards prizes for 4 years their pricesand theAcademic excellence that characterizes research work and educational innovations noticeable.

The sAcademic Excellence Award It is divided into two categories: The sResearch Award And the The sEducational Innovation Award. for him 4The tenth Editing The jury selected 3 winning applications, each receiving a grant of €2,500, which was revealed on September 8, 2022 during the annual conference that brought together all the school’s staff.

The sResearch Award awarded to Patricia curlprofessor of marketing for his particularly disturbing article about admissibility telemedicine To respond to issues related to medical deserts and hospital overcrowding. During the COVID-19 pandemic, teleconsultation has become a hot topic, emerging as a solution to deal with the influx of patients in order to be able to treat people infected with COVID-19 and/or avoid contamination of uninfected patients.

his article” Covid-19 and teleconsulting: a cross-country analysis » Published in the Journal of Technological Forecasting and Social Change seduced the jury because it meets two strategic goals of the school, namely, school for good because of its disruptive dimension in the digitization of organizations (a paradigm change in the health sector), and internationalization due to nationality The authors and field of research Comparing results between China, Italy and France and the United Kingdom.

Patricia Bodder He holds a PhD in Management Sciences from Mines-Télécom Business School and Evry-Val d’Essonne (University of Paris-Saclay). His dissertation focuses on Twitter Complaint Management: Impact on Satisfaction of a Client’s Perception of a Community Manager. His research focuses on new technologies, consumer behavior, and digital marketing. Patricia has spent 28 years in American multinationals (Apple France and Kodak Europe/Africa/Middle East) in the Marketing and Sales departments.

The srice Cooperat educational awarded to Yuan BazinAnd the Professor of Business Ethics and Xavier PhilipAnd the Associate Professor of Business Sociology for their original program” Developing the organizational vision of students in television series.

With an innovative pedagogical approach, they answer the questions: How do you bring students who do not have real work experience to gain the basics of this organizational vision? How do you convince them of the tangible interest of theory to apply to operational analysis?

3 unconventional formats:

Online courses in the form of pre-recorded short pellets (between 5 and 15 minutes each) covering different conceptual and theoretical aspects around six major concepts (Culture, Structure, Strength, Communication, Teams, New Organizational Models);

Face-to-face and small group seminars on video analysis and reading of academic articles to learn how to apply theories to imaginary but concrete cases;

– In The Red Thread, a longitudinal analysis of an entire season of a TV series showing an organization (a large company, a startup, but also informal teams, projects or organizations).

Yuan Bazin He holds a master’s degree in sociology from EHESS and a doctorate in organizational theory from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM). His thesis focuses on the institutionalization of organizational practices: The Diagnostic Case in Psychiatry. His research focuses on business ethics and critical thinking

Xavier Philip He holds a PhD in Management Science and Business Sociology issued jointly by ESCP Business School and the National Institute of Arts and Crafts (CNAM). His thesis focuses on Corporate University Two: An Analysis of the Organizational Imagination. His research focuses on the institutionalization of management tools and practices in organizations and the role of societies at the institutional level. In particular, it examines the essential role of the organizational imagination in disseminating and legitimizing management tools, practices, and codes.

a special mention Awarded for file submitted in Educational Innovation category by Brigitte DudetAssistant Professor in the Department of Regional Development, on the originality of the pedagogical approach to his geopolitics course where each Students should assume their aspirations to change the world in the context of a climate emergency and to protect the planet’s last forests. The student becomes a strong ambassador for the United Nations Council for the Protection of Humanity (CSH) for the duration of the course.

Brigitte Dudet He holds a PhD in Administrative Sciences from the University of Caen, Normandy. As an expert on port governance issues, her research focuses on the strategic management of ports and the relationship between the conglomerate and its port. With over fifteen years of experience as a Professor of Geopolitics and Sustainable Development, Brigitte Dudette combines interdisciplinary skills and works particularly on sub-Saharan and Western European territories (territories), most often in comparative curricula.

About the EM Foundation Normandy

The EM Normandie Foundation was created in 2016 by alumni and placed under the auspices of the Fondation de France, the charitable arm of the school. Its purpose is to support the strategic development of EM Normandy by working on 3 levers:

Promote equal opportunity by awarding scholarships to students,

Promote academic excellence, educational innovation and high-level research.

Encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, by supporting innovative projects that adapt to the challenges of corporate and society transformation).



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