‘Crush It’ by Medris Payet – Christopher Warren Permal: ‘A Successful Gamble’

Since Thursday, Christopher Warren Permal has shared his feelings with Medeiris Payet on Facebook. But Elisa’s translator admits that these publications were fabricated. It was a commercial strategy to create a buzz before his first duet with the Reunion singer. The title, “Gate”, was released on Monday, September 12th.

After six days of hype around Christopher Warren Permal’s “obsession”, Medeiris Payet landed in Mauritius on the morning of Monday 12 September 2022. Contrary to what her husband John Riviere had led netizens to believe, the Reunion singer N is not here to demand an explanation from a Mauritian artist. On the contrary, the two singers announced good news to their fans. They gave their nickname as a duo: “Gateway”. The music video for the song will be filmed this week in Mauritius.

“I was looking for an original way to announce our first duet. I thought of a strategy. I talked about it to Medeiris Payet and her husband. With their permission, I started sharing posts before the song was released, but I didn’t announce the release. I initially wanted to get the attention of netizens and fans “.

He says he understands the social media analytics tool from his work in digital marketing. Create an impressive mate story. The desired effect was. “Shouldn’t we say good or bad, still ad? It was a gamble and it worked for us.” In the process, he thanks his fans who have heard about him for the past five days. He says he understands the reaction of netizens.

Medeiris Payet came to Mauritius with her producer Dominique Mayo. Confirm that Christopher Warren Permal implemented this strategy. “I was skeptical at first. Then we got caught up in the game, me and my partner.” John Riviere did everything he could. The singer was surprised by the reactions of her fans and netizens. They supported her. “They said my personal and professional life should not be affected,” she says.

The story behind the hype

Christopher Warren Permal and Medris Payet met after their finalists at the awards ceremony. Then they met during the concert “La Flamme Kréol” at the Théâtre Saint-Gilles, in Reunion, last year. This musical collaboration has been in preparation since November 2021. Translator “Agatha” admits her admiration for Reunionese but as an artist. In 2019, I was on a tour abroad and Medeiris Payet was in Mauritius for a show. Musicians accompanied her. “She has a beautiful voice and I wanted to work with her,” Christopher Warren Permal recalls.

At the beginning of 2022, he wrote part of the text. In the meantime, he was preparing for his tour of Europe and for his performance at the Olympia in Paris on February 13. “When I was in France, I took the opportunity to work on the piece with Julian Marius. He took care of the musical arrangement. Medris Payet and I recorded the song remotely. The model was delivered to his producer”, recalls the 25-year-old singer. Last April, he traveled to Réunion to record the final version of “Gaté” along with Réunionnaise.

“The woman of my dreams… my gate. This is how the story began in a “Warren Permal” page a few days ago. Attached is a screenshot of Medeiris Payet’s photo. This post received 1,000 reactions and 83 comments.

So far, fans believe Christopher Warren Permal has developed a liking for Réunionnaise. As the days passed, the singer’s behavior began to worry them. He never stopped professing his love for Médris Payet. Some wondered if his account had not been hacked. Others went as far as to believe that the two artists were collaborating on a music project. “My account hacked. Lover. I just flashed on Médérice. Let me live!” he wrote during a “live broadcast” to reassure his fans.

But some tried to reason with him because Medeiris Payet is in a relationship and the mother of a little girl. This “live stream” brought in 1,400 reactions, 817 comments, 130 shares and 95,000 views. In turn, Reunion’s wife, John Rivier, responded through a post: “You seem to have a major psychological problem…” Fans were shocked. The series took a new turn when John Rivier published photos of his trip to Mauritius.

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