Montpellier. At the head of the com agency at only 19 years old

Hedi Bouzlifa is currently standing on two fronts. It is an understatement to say that he does not count his working hours. “My weeks are busy…” he sums up with a smile. He is 19 years old, this Voujeaucourtois is a student of 2e General BTS Audiovisuel (audio option), at Germaine Tillion High School in Montbéliard, and entrepreneur.

C8 and Canal + are among the first customers

Together with his brother Ziad, 25, a graphic designer, he established a communications and digital marketing agency in the city of princes: Sama Company. “In Japan, sama is considered an honorific suffix,” he explains. Motion design (2D animation), photo and audio video production, website creation, visual identities, prints, etc. With our company, we want to increase the reputation and respect of our customers to help businesses, both small and large, thrive online.

Sama is still very young — she was officially placed on a baptismal font on August 5 after spending six months in an incubator (the Coopilote business cooperative) — but she already has a few famous clients, including C8 and Canal + TV chains. For example, it produced credits for Your House Le Mag; On the other hand, I designed the Instant de Luxe program.

Word of mouth and address book

How did this duo of brothers get a foothold in these companies? “My brother has a connection within the Reworld Media group to which C8 belongs,” he breathes. “When you are just starting out, the hardest part is creating an address book. Word of mouth is important, but we must be able to show potential clients what we can do.”

Hedi Bouzlifa studied piano for ten years at the Conservatory of Montpellier. “I come from a musical background where I made a lot of connections by composing music on the computer,” he adds. Among its customers, Sama also counts the Exten’Z Cars garage in Exincourt, the Bischheim football club near Strasbourg and the Prunevelle golf course in Dampierre-sur-le-Doubs.

Entrepreneurial spirit from 15-16 years

“I am a very creative person,” he continues. “Since the age of 15-16, I wanted to get involved in entrepreneurship. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do, but I knew it was going to be in the digital world. BTS gives me the technical knowledge I need. Everything else I learned myself through online courses . »

He assures us that his young age does not discourage his speakers: “It is not a handicap, quite the contrary. My generation was born with social, digital, digital networks. It is very comfortable with this revolution.”

No salary yet

At the moment, Hedi Bouzlifa, who still lives with his parents, does not pay a salary. Its turnover, which has been reinvested in its business, does not yet allow it.

He can work remotely, but prefers to rent an office. It is located in the workspace L’Estrade, 6 rue Frédéric Bataille in Montbéliard. He believes that “it’s good to separate work from private life, and to have a career bubble.” “It is also better to meet clients in the future. »

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