Mailinblack puts 50 million euros into its development

Thomas Kergin, CEO of Mailinblack. photo credit: d

Apax Partners and NewAlpha Verto’s entry into Mailinblack’s capital should enable the latter to diversify its offering through internal developments or acquisitions. The French cybersecurity publisher also aims to amplify its workforce.

Mailinblack’s usual target of double-digit growth since 2015 (+28% in 2021), is to quadruple its turnover by 2028. To serve this goal, Marseille’s cybersecurity publisher Apax Partners and NewAlpha Verto have brought its capital, along with With the management team and historical shareholders. The operation will save her more than 50 million euros to expand her offer.

Acquisition of publishers with annual recurring revenue of 1 to 10 million euros

Expansion of its product portfolio can be achieved By developing or forming partnerships or acquiring solutions such as password management, document transfer, digital decontamination, etc., details Thomas Kergin, CEO of Mailinblack. The publisher is already considering acquisitions for publishers whose annual recurring revenue ranges between €1 million and €10 million.

Founded in 2003, Mailinblack has made a name for itself with Protect, its landmark offering aimed at securing messaging. According to Mailinblack, it is now used by 14,000 customers. In early 2021, the company added the Phishing Coach catalog, which later became the Cyber ​​Coach, to increase employee awareness of phishing and ransomware attacks. Since then, the solution has already been adopted by more than 600 companies.

Workstation hosted solution in preparation

By expanding its product offerings, Mailinblack wants to become The digital bodyguard of the largest number. This trend is already starting to emerge, as the publisher is currently working on creating a solution hosted on the user’s workstation to simplify access to essential cybersecurity services on a daily basis. Support the employee in managing their digital tracking and participate in their training in a context-appropriate manner. Within this solution, six products will be centered around a user-centric platform and in a DSI service.

The new means that mailinblack will enjoy should also be used to strengthen indirect sales channels and speed up the recruitment process. Internally, 30 new positions were opened in IT development and in all business functions (sales and marketing) and support. The publisher currently has 70 employees based in Marseille.

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