Interview with Lionel Durand, Durand Carpentry Manager

In Charente-Maritime, Lionel and Emmanuel Durand run their family business, la menuiserie Durand, created in 1987. Since January 1, 2022, they and their team have joined the Caséo network. A real boost to their business!

Can you introduce us to your Durand joinery company?

Founded in Charente-Maritime, particularly in Saintes and Royan, we specialize in refurbishment for individuals. We respond to our clients’ projects for everything related to home opening and closing as well as sun protection. The bulk of our activity relates to the replacement of windows, especially in aluminum. But the balcony is a product that is in high demand. We currently have 25 employees, including 15 people on construction sites. Our installers are qualified and constantly trained on new products. At the managerial level, ten people are mobilized to satisfy our customers. Our products are displayed in two showrooms in Saintes and Royan. In 2021 we achieved a turnover of 5 million euros, and for 2022 we can already say that we will surpass this result, especially thanks to our belonging to the Caséo network.

Why did you want to join the Caséo Network?

In today’s industry, it is important to be competitive in price. As a freelancer, we have less leverage with our suppliers to negotiate purchase prices. By joining the Caséo network, we now have this strength but also at the marketing level, we have the tools to connect with our clients / prospects. Caséo is our entire team working on these critical points for the development of our POS. That is why at the beginning of the year we decided to join the network.

What advantages have you noticed by joining the Caséo Network?

We immediately appreciated the active and attentive listening! Caséo allows us to remain independent while benefiting from its national reputation (more than 90 stores in France). In addition, some of Caséo’s partner industry groups offer products tailored to the brand. This is the case of Bel’m, for example, which offers three models of entrance doors designed specifically for Casio. This gives us the opportunity to offer exclusive models, and to be able to charge very competitive prices. In addition, Caséo, communicating at the national level, facilitates the recruitment process. In fact, we therefore attract candidates with more diverse traits, who may come from other regions of France. Caséo offers us catalogs dedicated to carpentry, sun protection, gates, garage doors, etc. Marketing team provides us with communication tools and promotional campaigns (up to 5 per year) which is very easy in our daily life.

Can the network offer you other services that you find useful as a member?

Caséo already offers us moments of constructive exchanges on various topics, communications, supplier references, information technology, etc., which allows everyone to share their experience. It is a win-win exchange. The center puts everything in place so that we, the members, can work in the best conditions and thus focus on our activity. ■

Interviewed by Stephanie Poitikant.

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