Inauguration of a multifunctional center in Casablanca for women in difficult situations

On Friday in Casablanca, a multifunctional center “Darna Lemkansa” opened for women in difficult conditions.

This center is located in the southern region of Lemkansa in the region of Bouskoura (Nouasser wilaya). This center was opened by Mr. Abdallah Chater, Wali of Nouaceur. Il s’incrit dans le cadre des actions du comité provincial de développement humain (CPDH) de Nouaceur pour lutter contre la pauvreté, la vulnérabilité et l’exclusion sociale des populations défavorisées, en particulier les jeunes femmes 1835 years.

This social development project is also part of the consolidation of achievements and the reorientation of the programs of the first and second phases of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH). It was implemented with a total budget of about 2.8 million dirhams, and a reception card for more than 100 beneficiaries.

This multi-functional center includes several spaces, including a space for listening, support and guidance for women in difficult situations, a training workshop in traditional and digital sewing and embroidery, a training workshop in cooking and pastries, a training workshop in cosmetics, as well as a training workshop in the field of media and digital marketing.

In a statement to M24, MAP’s Continuous Information Channel, Ibtisam Ringa, Head of the Social Work Department in Nouasser Governorate, indicated that in addition to important workshops for the benefit of beneficiaries, this center hosts, accompanies and guides women in difficult situations.

She pointed out that the main objective of this project is to train the beneficiaries and direct them either towards the labor market or entrepreneurship.

If these women are oriented towards entrepreneurship, they will be able to benefit from the services of the youth platform that is part of the third program of the third phase of the National Initiative for Human Development, in order to benefit from the support of creating individual projects that allow them in order to improve their income, she added.

And to emphasize that in order to re-orient the programs of the third phase of INDH, a new breath has been breathed into this project so that it is in line with the spirit and philosophy of the initiative in its third phase. The human element.

For her part, Samira Al-Baqali, honorary president of the “Miftah and Solutions” association, which oversees the management and direction of the “Darna Lamkansa” multifunctional center, said that the association is working to give a new dynamic to this center, with new workshops for the benefit of the beneficiaries, in addition to the counseling space services for women victims of violence. , as well as children in difficult circumstances.

She added that the center includes different categories of beneficiaries, including divorced women and victims of violence. She indicated that the area in which the center is located is in greater need of civil society services, and stressed that her association will continue its efforts in favor of women in difficult situations in cooperation with local authorities.

Laila Al-Jayed, one of the beneficiaries of the accompaniment and support of “Miftah and Solution”, is now a supervisor at the “Darna Lamkansa” multifunctional center. In a similar statement, she said that after being subjected to violence, she benefited from the services of the association, which enabled her to improve her situation by becoming a supervisor inside the center and training women in the kitchen and in pastries.

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