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Sonia Gagnon, Founder and CEO of SGMNoun Ofelli Ginot As Head of Marketing Group and Frederic Hamel as a creative leader.

Ofelli Ginot He began his studies in Paris, first with a two-year training in publishing, followed by a third year in communications project management. She graduated in 2018, and started her career as a Communications Project Manager in various sectors. In particular, she has worked at events for student fairs, and then in agencies for several types of clients in the aviation, insurance and commercial industries. In September 2020, Ophelia He made the leap and chose to immigrate to Canada, with a desire to gain international professional experience, gain new knowledge and perspectives, as well as advance his career. After many experiences that allowed her to come to this new country, she officially moved to it SGM in 2021, where it has been thriving for nearly a year now.

“I thank Sonia Gagnon and Anissa Errai for the opportunity, I am aware of the opportunity given to me to be able to develop so quickly in the company. Their career paths are very inspiring to me and I hope that my future is as promising as theirs. I like to tell myself that this is nothing but the start! “

Frederick Join the team SGM In 2019 as a Junior Digital Coordinator while still a student at Concordia University. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Communication specializing in Video, she officially joined the team as the coordinator of the Creativity and Innovation Group, a group that was formed at the same time. in this role, Frederick Collaborates with colleagues on events and social media strategies, while producing and executing the agency’s various video assignments. Also in this role, you collaborate on various monitoring and research operations of all kinds: market studies, marketing best practices, industry trends, etc. At the same time, she became the agency’s junior photographer, a role that allowed her to develop one of her interests: photography. She takes photos of agency staff and takes care of some content creation for accounts SGM. In March 2022, she became a Creative Lead, a role that ensures better collaboration between the various departments of the agency and the preservation of the client’s vision at all stages of projects.

“What excites me in my new position is that every day is different and that I work with everyone at the agency on different projects of all sizes. My very diverse professional background in the arts, and my great curiosity and sense of organization allow me to be very versatile and have more than one trick up my sleeve. A big thank you to Alexandre Areosa, Anisa Al Rahi and Sonia Gagnon for this golden opportunity!” Frederick.

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