Digital Marketing Strategist | ILOT + Brand Management Strategy

We are looking for a Digital Marketing Strategist who will have a mandate to support different brands in implementing digital marketing actions to bring the developed brand strategy to life for the client partners we support.

Concretely, you will be required to develop digital marketing plans, contribute to the e-commerce strategy of the brands you will collaborate with, analyze digital ecosystems and issue recommendations, etc.

You will be required to collaborate on several local agri-food brands in which you will be able to make a real difference.

You are the ideal candidate for this position if you:

… able to take it. The stimulating projects will be plentiful, they will have to be implemented face to face and taken care of from the ground up. No pressure, we are demanding, but also tolerant and humane! What we are saying, basically, is that we are looking for someone who aspires to achieve his goals, gives himself the means to achieve his goals, with the ability to count on the support of the team to achieve his goals.

… allergic to routine. That’s fine, this role will be non-routine. You will be required to work on brands for clients throughout Quebec. It involves being in the field, interviewing producers, managers and members of client and partner teams. And in the office, you will have a playground to set up efficient operations. The projects will be many and varied, and the days will be unique.

…my number, you eat. Your expertise is digital, your network is digital and your curiosity in this field is insatiable. You are the reference in both your teams and your group of friends and you are always exposed to new trends first!

… versatile and attracted to entrepreneurship. Come and create your own role! In starting a business, it takes a lot of resourcefulness, a lot of will and a healthy dose of creativity to set the rules. As long as you deliver the projects assigned to you, anything is possible. It is up to you to select your recipe.


… specializes in strategy and brand management. We like our team members to be experts in one of these areas, while fully understanding the other. A great branding strategy that stays in Keynote is expensive and unnecessary. And publishing that does not improve the class is not good management. Concretely, specialization means that we don’t have an in-house creative, media, or PR team. We prefer to cooperate with the best in the country according to the needs of the states. If we recommend a tactic, it is because we consider it optimal to achieve the desired results, not because we have internal resources to provide it. And, dare we say it: the network that revolves around ILOT is made up of only A-grade talents.

…business men. We are entrepreneurs working with entrepreneurs. Being entrepreneurs, for us, means immersing ourselves in the realities of our partners beyond telemarketing. In our opinion, the brand should speak to all of its objectives, from the consumer to all members of the organization, from the CFO to the trainee who has just joined. We become a chameleon to understand everyone’s reality and widely disseminate our brand strategies so that everyone becomes its ambassador.

Every day, we build ILOT to make it a strong and recognized brand in its field. We produce events, magazines and conferences, to bring our partners and collaborators together with the industry, while getting to know them better.

… gourmet and versatile. We light up when we hear Quebec Pinot Noir, a reference beer in a can and fermentation of yogurt and enhance ugly fruits. Don’t try too hard to understand, we are passionate about the local agri-food sector and marketing! Exceldor, Miels d’Anicet, Café Touché, Microbrasserie Riverbend, Les Bacchantes vineyard, Au Gré des Champs cheese dairy, allo simonne spreads, Boulangerie Auger and Gaspésien deli are some of the brands we support and fill our refrigerators. But as our curiosity is insatiable, we also help several other local brands shine, including Hamster, Tourisme Hautes-Laurentides, and PandaPay.

…recognized for our excellence! Our social platforms are the envy of many. Its content shows that we wander a lot and that we have fun, but above all it shows that we at ILOT are tightly woven, and not only between ourselves: with collaborators and partners as well. If we allow ourselves shoulder-to-shoulder lakes in the outdoors, stay at SXSW and have a sustainable on-the-ground presence with our partners, it’s because we’re behind our iPhones demanding. We give the best of ourselves and surround ourselves with collaborators who do the same.

are you interested? Write to us, we can’t wait to chat!

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