After occupying Silicon Valley, she decided to dedicate herself to God

Montserrat Medina sold her first startup to Paypal, and was already a partner at Deloitte at the age of 34. Now to God the Spanish businesswoman decided to be responsible. painting.

This is what we call a meteorite career. The Montserrat Medina Martinez track, now 37, impresses as much as it surprises him. In 2019, the Spanish version of the famous magazine interested in trade She was chosen as one of the “21 young Spanish women aged 35 (or younger) who have revolutionized the world of startups”. And for good reason: This engineer from Valencia, Spain won a scholarship to pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics at Stanford University. Studies she halted in 2011 founding Jetlore, a Silicon Valley-based company in San Mateo, California, that provided data for large companies to deliver “customized” content to their customers. His startup, which has simply revolutionized email marketing, has allowed large groups like Groupe and eBay to increase their sales through this channel. A success story that didn’t escape Paypal, which they ended up getting.

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And since success does not wait for the number of years, Montserrat Medina continued his career at full speed by becoming a partner in Deloitte. She was then selected among the top ten Spanish talents under the age of 35 by the magazine MIT Technology Review She won a Bronze Medal at the 2017 Stevie Awards for Best Female Leaders. But after two years at the helm of the data and artificial intelligence department at one of the four largest consulting and auditing firms in the world, the young woman completely reorientated herself by choosing a path to a somewhat … individual.

From Silicon Valley to Santa Ana Monastery

She decided to become a nun at the Augustinian Nuns Convent of Santa Anna, located in the town of Sant Mateo in Castellón, eastern Spain. Before “disappearing” at the end of 2020, she sent a letter to her Deloitte partners explaining her decision. A testimonial she also shared on her LinkedIn page. She explains that success and money did not make her happy and that she was always looking for more.

By responding to the Lord’s call, she claims to have found the “treasure” that the Bible speaks of. “Unfortunately, I have to say goodbye to Deloitte. I have decided to leave everything behind and respond to what I believe is God’s call to follow closely,” she explains in the preamble. “I leave my testimony here in which I open my heart to help you understand my decision, thank God.”

I feel that by answering this call, my life is imbued with a new meaning, making me feel blessed and happy.

His words are moving and should resonate especially with young graduates who are still searching for their way into the professional world. “I used all the talents that the infinite goodness of our God gave me, but I used them for my glory and to accumulate wealth in this world,” the young woman continues. “I took advantage of the talents I received and sought only my own worldly interest, while deceiving myself. But far from pleasing me, this attitude only aggravated the growing emptiness in my soul.”

“I don’t know why his love gave me free talents that I did nothing to deserve and that allowed me to work and thrive as a character all these years,” she admits again. “Likewise, I don’t know what his plans are for me going forward. The only thing I know for sure is that I found my ‘treasure.’ […] I feel that by answering this call, my life is imbued with a new meaning, making me feel blessed and happy. »


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