How do you improve your LinkedIn logo?

LinkedIn logo, is your profile element that is visible to visitors. Like a shop window, we stay there before we go any further.

That’s why you need to make it attractive, interesting and relevant. It is necessary to increase curiosity with clarity and frankness. It is important to choose a simple yet elegant design that catches the eye without polluting it with a thousand pieces of information.

It’s easy to say will you tell me! Easy to do, I answer you!

In this article, I invite you to discover 5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Logo. You’ll see, nothing too complicated. You will be able to choose the style that best suits you and with a little creativity, create your own style.

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What is the LinkedIn logo?

A little reminder is essential for anyone accessing the digital platform. The LinkedIn banner is the image visible at the top of your profile. As I told you above, it’s a file strategic space Which gives initial indications about you and your activity.

If you don’t upload a visual, LinkedIn offers one by default. Cute and soulless, I would not recommend it. It does not provide any customization and may detract from your entry image. Unfortunately !

Especially since it is very easy to create and download one. That’s what we’ll see a little further down in this article. But let’s take a look at our five models.

A LinkedIn banner looks more personal

Oftentimes, we hesitate to “customize” our LinkedIn logo. afraid of seeing professional credibility Take a hit. But it is wrong!

You have to know, sometimes, to put a little of yourself in LinkedIn profile. This part of LinkedIn is your “home”. An opportunity to reveal yourself a little. And you can do it well with your banner.

You are passionate about literature, nothing stops you from hanging a beautiful library picture on your banner. All the more convenient if you are developing careers in writing on the Internet. We know the importance of reading.

This is the top profile of Audrey Lemerre with whom I was able to accompany him. You will notice that his portrait is nothing more and nothing less than a visual, even artistic, photograph, with what appears to be a sunset on a country road.

LinkedIn banner Audrey Lemerre

Nothing shocking about it, quite the opposite. Audrey gives us the impression of serenity, calm and serenity. We know that with her, it’s a quiet collaboration that has to settle down.

Note that this contact person, on the other hand, is based on a profile picture taken by a professional photographer.

Another example with Frédéric Dosquet who wanted to show on his banner, his appetite for the world of sound and more specifically for the media.

LinkedIn banner d.  Frederic Dusquet

Display your value within your LinkedIn logo

As a reminder, what is a value proposition? This is it Marketing concept Which makes it possible to explain precisely in a few words, what your product or service can offer and how it can meet needs or solve a problem.

InterestingUse this type of logo In the context of a more commercial career, for example. But I think it goes well with any task, as long as your value proposition is clear and explicit.

Such is the case in the profile of Pierre-Manuel Sroczynski which you discover below. Successfully integrating compliance and risk into your corporate culture. I know very well what to expect.

Pierre Manuel Srozynski's LinkedIn ad banner

for Make the message as clear as possible, her logo is refined, her company logo goes out, the value proposition is placed at the front of her profile, it’s hard to miss. But you can also display your qualities and strengths well.

Other examples:

LinkedIn Banner Pierrick Boisellier

LinkedIn Coralie S . Banner

Why List Your Skills and Knowledge on Your LinkedIn Banner?

You are an expert in a field, a subject. You have uniqueness. Mastery, a certain talent, a technique? So, point it out on your logo. Show your skills, knowledge and favorite topics. Again, people who come to your profile will quickly know who they are dealing with.

I really love Alan’s banner. Clean, but relevant. First, the shape. There is consistency between profile picture and Cover Photo. It works and is neat.

Hence, his areas of expertise are easily and frankly readable. A sentence in a few words, just indicate what it can bring you.

And a little touch of fun above his picture: “This guy can help you!” On the same sign, “I” and “You”. Very successful!

LinkedIn Banner Alan Nonoo

Social proof on your LinkedIn banner

Have you written one or more books on your favorite topic, been invited to a popular conference, or published an article in a reference media? Nothing is stopping you from that Highlight your logoYour contributions or external services.

Additional evidence of your knowledge, skills and a certain form of authority.

This is Clément Pellerin’s pick below. It is mine too.

Banner LinkedIn Clement Pelerin

Banner LinkedIn Julian Papert

a little bit of imagination

I have given you some examples of LinkedIn banners. But there are many profiles. That’s over 800 million worldwide!

Moreover, some users do not hesitate to crack the codes. To suggest original covers. Here is a very brief set:

Felicie Dragon LinkedIn Banner

Rand Fishkin LinkedIn Banner

LinkedIn Banner Value Words

Now, it’s up to you to imagine what’s yours. And for this, nothing could be simpler …

How to make a LinkedIn banner?

No need to go to graphic design school to make a LinkedIn banner. The tools, online, intuitive and free, allow you, in a few minutes, to create a visual. I advise you for example can go.

The advantage of this site is that it offers you thousands of models. It is up to you to choose one or more. You can edit, mix and arrange them. Your only limit is your creativity.

But in order for it to work faster, and to facilitate your work, you can contact me by private message on the LinkedIn platform. I will suggest cover templates for you to press.

to end

I am always surprised to discover, on a regular basis, LinkedIn profiles with a virtual banner. Like many, I don’t dwell on it. Do you want to pass through the door of a shop after seeing its empty window? not me !

That’s why you shouldn’t overlook the LinkedIn banner. It is one of the strategic elements of a professional social network. Just like your activity or the description under your profile picture.

It should make sense, it should look like you. It should reflect your personality. That there is harmony between who you are and the values ​​conveyed by your brand image.

The future employee or recruit must want to move forward.

Whatever form it will take: more personal, with Show your value or your skills. You have to use it to distinguish yourself.

And most importantly, you should be comfortable with this sign.

Feel free to ask for an outside view. Friends, families and co-workers. Some opinions wouldn’t be too much to improve your LinkedIn logo and profile. Above all, readings are done regularly via mobile, so check the sign display from your mobile phone.

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