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With over 1.5 billion YouTube users interacting with YouTube Shorts every month, these short vertical videos are comparable to TikTok and Instagram/Facebook Reels, YouTube has just revealed a new guide dedicated to short film creators. Here’s how to access it and an overview of what to remember.

YouTube Short Films Guide: 31 Pages of Tips to Get Better

publish youtube a New Free 31-Page Guide Dedicated to YouTube Shorts.

The latter covers all aspects of creating short YouTube music videos, from editing best practices to trend tips to case studies.

Here is an overview of what you’ll find inside:

  • The basics of creating short films on YouTube;
  • register the shorts in the draft;
  • adding music to his shorts;
  • Reuse of sounds and music from other pants;
  • Use more advanced features such as using timer, sequence, and speed management;
  • use of the integrated green background in the shorts section;
  • Use tags and tags and define a short title;
  • Best practices for improving your shorts (from page 19, YouTube offers a small training dedicated to shorts);
  • A case study of entertainment content.

8 best practices and tips to improve the performance of your shorts

  1. Add hashtags systematically #short pants Each of your shorts to help YouTube recommend them;
  2. Capture the attention of an Internet user quickly by adding brightly colored elements in the first moments of the short video to improve the click-through rate of the latter (this can be by wearing brightly colored clothes if you appear in front of the camera);
  3. Optimize videos for repeating by starting and ending the video with the same clip with a suitable audio track;
  4. Follow the trends to improve your visibility by selecting the most popular audio tracks (in the audio library, titles are displayed by popularity);
  5. create short mansions for the target audience;
  6. Analyzing the statistics of published short films to determine which formats have the most viewing time and most interactions;
  7. Prioritize quality and consistency over quantity. According to YouTube, size does not always guarantee success;
  8. There is no need to create a secondary YouTube channel dedicated to short films, it does not affect the performance of long videos transmitted by the account.

To see more tips and browse the YouTube case study, feel free to download the free PDF here.

Should we start on YouTube Short? 3 convincing statistics

  1. today, 75% of video platform users now interact with short YouTube videos ;
  2. more’1.5 billion YouTube users are exposed every month short videos from the social network;
  3. In July 2021, the shorts reader scored more than 15 billion daily views worldwide.

If you work for a brand that has a YouTube presence (or if you think about it), it might be interesting to ask yourself whether shorts can’t be good for your YouTube strategy and, more broadly, your social media strategy .

If you are already on TikTok and Instagram Reels, thanks to the shorts, you can get to see a free YouTube membership simply by posting your already created videos to other platforms.

If you’re already using short vertical videos in your social media strategy, YouTube’s new guide to creating short videos might interest you (especially since it can also be useful for optimizing short vertical videos shared on other social networks).


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