7 BtoB communication levers that can really make a difference

Curious, sometimes suspicious and always full of questions about the benefits for their own business, B2B decision-makers examine new digital communication tools. Shall we go on TikTok? How can the podcast be useful for your visibility? Increasing your visibility and generating new leads thanks to these levers, sometimes attributed to B2C, can sometimes be a turning point. We let you discover some of them to take action effectively.

Influencer Marketing: Partnership 2.0

As part of the B2B influence strategy, decision makers trust their peers more than direct commercial prospecting for information on professionals, competitors or future partners. For this, the opinions of experts, which can be found on the first page of the Google search engine, are very valuable to them. Therefore, it is important that influencers help them promote their business. Unlike B2C, B2B influencers rely on their authority rather than their popularity. On the front line, journalists are most in demand, certainly for their role in relaying official information via press releases (another traditional medium that is still relevant elsewhere). The successful implementation of your influence strategy therefore requires the support of expert personalities: consultants, analysts, executives or representatives of an institution. By providing an external and supported opinion, they ensure the reliability of a product or service of your company. Filmed interview, blog article, white paper, it’s all about quality content instead of repeated presence. It’s up to you to find that rare pearl that can accompany you on a subject close to your heart. This close and sincere cooperation contributes to a more transparent communication of your speech. From there to the integration of influencers already integrated into your company, it is only one step.

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LinkedIn: the indispensable professional network

It is not for nothing that LinkedIn became the first professional social network. According to the Social Selling Barometer published in 2020, almost every second decision-maker has already started a conversation with a company or one of its employees after published content. Employees therefore represent a valuable stroke of luck to spread a good image of your company. Incorporating it into your LinkedIn posts would therefore generate 4x more subscribers for the company page. As ? By creating a community of employees who are willing and motivated to automatically share the company’s recommended content (go to the “My Company” tab). This approach to employee representation (Employee Ambassador) turns employees into trustworthy interlocutors. Messages posted by employees on social networks thus gain credibility. Simple and inexpensive to implement, this targeted strategy can quickly grow your community while empowering your people.

How about Tiktok?

Teens, millennials, politicians are there too, so why not corporations? With more than a billion users as of October 2021, TikTok stands out among the major social networks and this platform (like Instagram, which today hosts 25,000 companies) makes communication managers question: are they going there? In the form of #hashtag challenges or short videos that are more creative and informal than a corporate film to showcase its products or brand, the TikTok social network is also an effective way to help companies recruit, especially among young adults. The SNCF has therefore made available several videos of job references that have generated more than 1.5 million views and discussions for those most interested. Do you hesitate? Being a pioneer of a new tool can also be beneficial for growing your audience. The Washington Post was the first American newspaper to successfully open an account there. He created a character who illustrated the news with humor and change. Result: he managed to reach a younger audience than he would ever have reached without this network (more than half a million users in almost a year). And to get started, you don’t need to create an account!

WhatsApp: Phone Voice Notes

Who is still calling today? Is your client out of the office or on the other side of the world? No more spontaneous calls in the middle of a meeting or jet lag, the free WhatsApp Business application allows you to record voice messages, combining them with images, videos explaining a product, etc. Your interlocutor will have enough time to look at them later. Company ID, contact groups, after-sales service, product catalogues, automated messages, the use of this local communication channel is a godsend, especially for small and medium-sized companies that want to do business with their customers and their partners: 70% of the messages sent are read! A record rate compared to e-mailings (spam, wrong addresses). Also ideal for international business, as there are no additional communication costs abroad. Its version compatible for PC via WhatsApp for web brings in addition the comfort of a computer screen.

The podcast or radio revival

According to the recent Observatoire de l’oralité en enterprise, 63% of employees listen to sound content offered by companies. In addition to the training content that employees value internally, there is a strong demand for speaking content, interviews, debates or portraits. And for a good reason. The strength of this medium lies in its temporal shift: You can listen to a podcast whenever and wherever you want and do something completely different at the same time. More than radio, reading a podcast is thoughtful and attentive: 90% of people listen to the recording to the end. So it’s a good way to ask yourself to talk about a topic in depth. Freed from the image, it also generates more trust. Develop your employer brand by building an in-house web radio, build the loyalty of your listeners or increase your authority through interviews in the form of advice (for athletes at Decathlon) or in the form of expert opinions (within the GRDF energy group): With a With little imagination and edited editorial content, it is possible to honor your employees and upgrade your work. Setting up a podcast is easier than creating a video: a good recorder, quality content, and inspired conversation partners. And it can be easily shared by other social networks.

Webinar: the interactive and comprehensible event

Having become a weakness of the trade fair and congress congress, the webinar is part of a digitized vision of hybrid events. As a decision maker, organizing a webinar has the benefit of generating more qualified leads for your business than a traditional trade show. In fact, according to GoToWebinar, 75% of B2B marketers and sales leaders find it the best way to grow their customer base. When registering for your webinar, attendees leave behind a highly coveted piece of data: their contact information. You can then invite this target group interested in your activity to consult the content of your website, for example to download a white paper or to thank them directly. Because despite everything, the webinar takes place remotely and remains virtual. To strengthen the human side and create a more personal bond, put the dishes in the big dishes by offering a box of goodies that will make your relationship a reality. Whether sent before or at the end of the event, this gift box in your corporate colors will be a new springboard for future professional relationships. Think of pens, notebooks, helmets, mugs: these products accompany the viewing of your webinar in good conditions. And your interlocutors will remember it.

Google My Business GMB: Streamlined natural engagement

If Google is your daily friend, don’t neglect this tool specially designed for professionals. For those who don’t know it well, you should know that it accounts for 25% of the weight of a website’s natural referencing. The company’s ID card, which appears to the right of search engine results, is a showcase of the company and what it does. GMB provides a display and easy access to your contact details, your appointments, your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook feed, customer reviews, etc. This highlighted information contributes to better visibility and credibility with your customers and partners. So remember to improve your business page, for example by adding photos of your premises, your teams and the products you sell to give a concrete and quick idea of ​​your activity. Note that online reviews are the data most consulted by consumers and monitored by your competitors: therefore, take the time to respond to them, including and especially negative comments. Your reputation and customer loyalty are at stake.

Reading this action plan, it seems pretty easy to add some of these tools to your B2B strategy without too much tech. It even seems like a good solution to multiply the leverage to get your presence across to an audience who believes in your cause. Provided they fit your editorial line and your goal. Content marketing is the key to your success.

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