How to improve loyalty and retention through email?

By downloading Sendinblue’s white paper, you’ll find that to retain your best customers, you’ll need to find opportunities to capture their attention throughout their lifecycle, not just through transactional emails. No, to set up a retention strategy, it is necessary to take action to encourage them to develop a certain association with your brand, products and services. Thanks to this guide, you will have the tools at your disposal to make retention a lever for growth.

Getting to the white paper

Why prioritize customer retention over acquisition?

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, it costs 5 to 25 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. With this observation, it is easy to understand how retention can play a major role in your growth and the costs associated with it. All successful companies agree that the customer comes first. Since it is usual for consumers to systematically compare different brands in the same sector, it is possible to lose out on existing customers due to product innovation, discounts, and service quality.

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In this guide, you will discover concrete examples of retention improvement. For example, you can set up a rewards or loyalty program, a referral program, or even special discounts for loyal customers. As you’ll discover in this white paper, every time you lose a customer or a customer stops buying from your brand, you’re not only depriving yourself of the revenue they were making, “But also the potential to increase its profitability for your company”.

Email: Your Ally for Customer Retention

To improve your retention rate, email will be your best ally. In fact, according to Sendinblue, it’s the best channel for creating an active community with your existing customers. To achieve this goal, emails are more effective than social networks. Although it’s not the only channel you can take advantage of to drive retention, “it’s the channel with the most benefits.” Email is also the least expensive channel. In its white paper Sendinblue takes several examples to show how retaining brands helps increase their revenue.

Getting to the white paper

In particular, you will discover the testimonial of Teams Nestor, a French start-up that offers meal preparation and delivery. The brand is rooted in a highly competitive sector, and has distinguished itself from its competitors by placing the customer experience at the heart of its strategy. Every day, teams send out the menu of the day to their customers to encourage them to order. These contacts generate approximately 20% of the company’s turnover. Ludivine Gloria, CMO at Nestor, sets that “The script is programmed so that every day an email is automatically sent to customers who have placed an order in the past seven days. It is very convenient”.

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