Coca-Cola creates an AR music experience

Coca-Cola and Tomorrowland are teaming up for a music experience for augmented reality (AR). This will allow you to enter the world of Coca-Cola Dreamworld.

Dreamworld or “The World of Dreams”, a new drink from the Coca-Cola brand in a limited edition. It blends the world of virtual fantasy and reality, creating a portal to a world full of vibrancy and hustle. In Dreamworld, anything is possible.

You will be able to create your own dreamworld by drawing The hypnotic tunes of famous Tomorrowland artists. To name a few, Cellini, KC Lights, Vintage Culture and Martin Garrix.

Like the Coca-Cola creations that preceded it, Dreamworld plays with the unexpected “The discovery will undoubtedly stir up controversy among consumers…” said Alessandra Cassino, Director of Creative & Shopper, Coca-Cola’s North American operating unit, in an official press release.

To create its own Dreamworld, Coca-Cola turned into Experts from Virtue Worldwide and UNIT9. These professionals helped them turn their digital vision into a reality. The experience is fueled by Niantic’s 8th Wall WebAR Platform. This means that no additional application is required to participate.

Coca-Cola Dreamworld will make a leap into the metaverse

The idea was to take the idea of ​​a limited-edition Coca-Cola flavor and use it to inspire their virtual world. Create and launch New flavors through digital marketing Not new to Coca-Cola. Through its Coca-Cola Creations platform, the company has been a pioneer in reimagining how brands can traverse the physical and digital world to connect with consumers. Thanks Interactive AR and VR campaigns.

They gave fans a taste of ‘outer space’ with starlight drink. Then continue with Coca-Cola ByteInspired by the game and the metaverse. “Starlight shines a light on the idea of ​​escape and the endless possibilities of space outside the world,” said Chase Abraham, Senior Director of Creative Strategy, Coca-Cola Business Unit North America.

“We meet Generation Z where they are with A Related content and cooperation that matters to her,” Ibrahim added.

Coca-Cola Dreamworld will also make a leap from the metaverse to the real world through it Experimental activation at a specific campus. He will be giving a series of creative shows outside the home in New York City, including Appearance on the famous Coca-Cola. This includes 3D banners, hand-painted murals, and Snapchat AR lenses inspired by the Dreamworld.

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