5 good reasons to switch to digital jobs

With the labor market recovering and companies actively looking for candidates to support them in the implementation of their digital projects, great opportunities are presented to those who may want to take on the transformation challenge in this sector. A wide range of careers, attractive salaries, and procedures to help you fund your project…here are 5 good reasons to switch to digital jobs in 2022!

1. Diversity of professions and diversity to satisfy all your desires

Digital is full of exciting careers if you are considering embarking on a retraining venture in this sector. From web marketing (SEO, project management, social media, e-commerce, etc.) to technology (web development, data, cybersecurity, etc.) and digital creation (UX/UI design, technical guidance, etc.) To that), you find one that meets all your expectations and can thrive in it professionally.

According to Pôle emploi, the 10 web profiles most requested by companies are:

  1. Web developer
  2. Web Project Manager
  3. Online sales
  4. mobile developer
  5. Search engine optimization manager
  6. CRM Officer
  7. digital communications officer
  8. web designer
  9. SEM official (Search Engine Marketing)
  10. Production Manager

The General Authority also emphasizes the strong development of the professions related to data management (data scientist, chief data officer), but also the function of Personal Data Protection Officer, responsible for the appropriate application of GDPR (European Data Protection Regulation) principles within companies.

Another advantage of switching to digital careers: Depending on the size of your organization, you may be asked to take on different tasks and show diversity. For example, a community manager career can include more tasks related to animating communities on social networks, managing website content, or even natural referral within a small business.

2. Digital, a booming hiring sector

The digital sector is a particularly dynamic sector, with technologies and innovation being developed and many positions currently that companies have to fill. According to figures from the latest Les Métiers en 2030 report published by France Strategy and DARES (Direction for Animation of Research and Studies and Statistics), 1 million jobs must be created between 2019 and 2030, all professional families are confused. Digital is already one of the most attractive and dynamic sectors of this decade.

Among the top 10 occupations where job growth will be strongest by 2030, computer engineers top the list of jobs with 115,000 expected jobs (+26%), ahead of the care professions. It should also be noted that young graduates will benefit from ample opportunities in the coming years, with 96% of computer engineering careers having to be filled with this type of profile.

96% of new computer engineering jobs will be filled by young graduates in 2030. © Dares

In web development, the profession of back-end developer (18%) is the most sought after, ahead of front-end developers (15%) and AI and machine learning experts (13%), according to the results of A. HackerEarth survey of 2,500 engineering managers and HR professionals in 79 countries. Thus, the recruitment dynamic, characteristic of 2021, continues in 2022, when it is planned to recruit more than 100 developers for more than 30% of the participants.

Most in-demand jobs in web development in 2022. © HackerEarth

3. Attractive salaries and career development opportunities

If the digital careers are still in a state of tension, with more job offers than suggested candidates, you will benefit from attractive salaries by switching to technology, marketing or digital creativity. Career development is also interesting, with the potential to progress through taking on more responsibility and, depending on the position, managing the team at risk. You can also specialize in a specific technology or discipline, which will allow you to be recognized as an expert in your field.

Compensation for technical jobs

A PHP developer can earn a salary between 35,000€ and 60,000€ depending on his years of experience, while a cyber security engineer can earn from 40,000€ to over 90,000€ for a high profile profile. On the data business front, the position of Data Analyst (or Data Engineer) is one of the most sought-after profiles. The fee ranges from €40.000 to €80,000 for those with more than 8 years of experience.

Reward in Marketing and Digital Creativity

In marketing, here is a selection of salaries for the most in-demand occupations:

  • Digital Project Manager: From 35,000 euros to 70,000 euros
  • Product owner: From 40.000 € to 70,000 €
  • CRM Consultant: From €40.000 to €90,000
  • Community Manager / Social Media Manager: From 28,000 euros to 70,000 euros
  • SEO/SEA/SEM Manager: From 32,000 EUR to 65,000 EUR

For professionals interested in careers in the field of digital creation, you should be aware that a UX designer salary ranges between €38,000 and €70,000, and a UI designer salary ranges between €32,000 and €60,000.

All salaries above are expressed in gross annual terms and are based on salaries in Ile-de-France. Count between 10% and 15% difference to the equivalent in regions. Sources: Studies on Compensation in France in 2022 by Hays, PageGroup and Walters People.

4. The value of “dual culture” and continuous learning

Les métiers du numérique étant ouverts à tous les profils, quel que soit votre niveau ou le cursus que vous avez initialement suivi, l’expérience passée et les compétences déjà acquient acquients de glis é régéuns at repables unrepables area. This “dual culture” is a real added value to highlight on your resume. By highlighting what you have learned through your previous experience, even if you have developed in a completely different sector, you will be able to make the difference to other candidates in front of recruiters.

The peculiarity and richness of digital, a sector in ever-evolving, is that you will learn throughout your career. With the digitization of companies affecting all sectors, training is already recommended to add this additional element, which will allow you to acquire new skills and develop on your way. Luxury is one of the areas in full expansion, driven by the Asian market and praised by the younger generation, which companies are looking for specialized profiles in the digital field.

For this, technical skills, or hard skillsand mankind, which we designate with the term soft skills, are required. Each position requires specific skills to master the knowledge and personal skills necessary to practice them. Some examples: programming languages ​​for web development careers, KPI analysis (Key Performance Indicators) for marketing professionals, but also understand user needs if you want to switch to web design. Human traits may be common in some disciplines. We find in particular curiosity, creativity, innovation, analytical skills, stress management or even leadership (list not exhaustive).

Working in the digital space: essential skills to master in 2022

5. Useful schemes to help you finance your retraining project

Good news: There are several financial mechanisms at your disposal to help you embark on your own retraining project in digital careers.

CPF to develop your skills, increase credit in case of insufficient credit

CPF, or Personal Training Account, is the best known account ever. It corresponds to the training rights you have accumulated throughout your career, which you can use to fund training. It’s about employees, freelancers, freelancers, and artists.

By registering for my Training Account, the dedicated app, you have the possibility to consult the amount available and choose the course you wish to pursue. The procedure is simple and you can benefit from it even if you do not have a diploma. The plus: if your rights are not enough, you can ask for a raise, that is, additional funding, which can come from your employer, Pôle Emploi, state, association, etc.

CPF Transition Professional, Pro-A…

As part of a retraining project, you can also contact a CPF (PTP for Professional Transition Project, formerly Individual Training Leave or CIF), a form of personal training account. Employees, who wish to change profession, are allowed to fund all or part of approved training related to their project. Among other available financing solutions, the Pro-A scheme aims to support the professional development and retention of low-skilled or unskilled employees through work-study programs. It should be noted that there are other solutions, especially for resigned employees or redundant workers.

Training Systems for VSE / SME Managers

For VSE managers and SMEs with a self-employed (TNS) status, they can apply for a FAF (Training Insurance Fund) or take advantage of a tax credit. Good to know: Until December 31, 2022, your tax credit amount has doubled. For completed training hours from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 Condition: Your company must have less than 10 employees and your annual turnover must not exceed 2 million euros.

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