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Agency Studio Toast commissioned by coffee To work on an awareness campaign and produce original content for the brand. coffee It helps customers deliver unforgettable experiences in the new digital economy. coffee Offers research, recommendation, and personalization solutions for e-commerce, customer service, websites, and the workplace.

Toast accompanied by coffee to increase its bad reputation. Thus the goal was to increase its visibility with potential B2B clients. The results speak for themselves: Initiatives Toast generated over 50 million impressions, all thanks to a mobile identity retargeting campaign at an event in Las Vegas, Shop Talk. Thanks to precise targeting techniques that allow to reduce the number of hits per click, results are achieved 15% higher than the set of goals.

“What we immediately liked coffeeOne of the huge potentials to make this brand visible in Quebec is to support its growth and thus to recruit new customers. This is a philosophy Studio Toast: We want to be more than an agency for our clients. We want to be a business partner that accompanies them in their growth, understands and develops with their business challenges,” he states. Alexandre GravelCo-Chair, Strategy, Studio Toast.

With her great understanding of digital issues and her team of professionals in all areas of communication and marketing, Studio Toast Support us in our desire to do coffee A global leader in search solutions. Their initiatives have produced tangible results that translate into a significant increase in our business Lead. I am convinced that this working relationship will take us far,” he states Sheila MorinExecutive Vice President of Marketing for coffee.

In addition to this infamous campaign, Toast Also produced a content campaign for coffee. The agency has designed a series of demonstration videos for various products of coffee. Created in an animated design, these videos give a great overview of everything coffee offers to its clients. Toast also accompany coffee In many shootings outside Quebec as well as in setting up an indoor photography studio.

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