Becoming a digital nomad during your studies: a payment option

Louise Truman has had a taste for travel since her teens. After a scientific expedition to Greenland in college and the ascent of Kilimanjaro in high school, now from Vietnam the young woman tells her story on the magazine’s website Newsweek. Aged only 22 years old, the young Briton lives mainly from her income as a content creator on the TikTok platform.

Louise Truman finished high school in 2019 and started her BA in History and Spanish at King’s College London. In 2020, as with all students, his classes were remote, a few months after he returned to higher education.

Even though the pandemic was mentally hard on me, I had never had such an opportunity to invest in myself. During Six months of imprisonment […]I’m putting all my energy into building my LinkedIn network.”

Right after high school, she started working alongside her studies as a digital marketing assistant. When his lessons went remote, so was his business. So the young woman took the opportunity to combine two freelance jobs in the same field while pursuing her online courses, and surrounded herself with mentors. She also started “Social Mobility Project to Help University Students”.

In 2021, she already had a stable income. “I’ve never seen so much money in my life before […] I even made a five-digit month. Everything came entirely from my work in marketing and my investments – especially the sale of shares Sweatshirt [un type d’action généralement utilisé dans les start-up et réservé aux employés d’une entreprise. L’action leur est vendue à bas prix, ce qui rend l’intérêt plus important]”, She explained.

Social Networking: An Invaluable Source of Money

Thanks to her income, she was able to travel when the borders reopened that year, including to Costa Rica, Tanzania, and South Korea.

I felt like I had slipped into Spanish, so I left for Costa Rica. I think that’s where I became a digital nomad.”

However, after several months, Louise Truman found herself exhausted and needed a change, the American magazine asserts.

In January 2022, she started posting content on her TikTok account and built her community very quickly by sharing her travels. After just eight months, she has 7 million likes and 139,000 subscribers. Content creation became his main source of income. By collaborating with brands, she made over €11,000 per month during the summer of 2022. Her marketing experience has helped her well in this field. She explains that only a few paid collaborations per month are enough for her, and that this rhythm helps to find a good balance between professional and personal life. “As my social networks continue to grow, I will gradually be able to charge more for the same workload,” Says Louise Truman.

His advice after two years of working completely remotely

  • Before you can work completely remotely, you will need to have experience in your field. For the company to trust you outside of their offices, they must be able to rely on your expertise.
  • Networking is not to be underestimated, and it can start with a personalized message on LinkedIn.
  • Use sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn to make money online.
  • Even if you fail, you will always get to know yourself and the type of business that suits you best.

“The best decision I ever made was to become a digital nomad. […]. If you don’t start now, you will regret not doing it sooner.” Says Louise Truman.

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