After the music industry, TikTok attacked the video game

With 970 million users, TikTok has become the social network par excellence. Having become a formidable tool for digital influence and marketing, the network is greedy and doesn’t want to stop there. After making music, video game?

Music occupies such an important place on the stage that the trend can push unknown artists to the front of the stage. So naturally the platform would like to get into the music industry as we learned by registering the trade name “TikTok Music” by ByteDance Group.

But the Chinese giant not only wants to be the new competitor to Spotify, it is really important Explore new sectors like video games. If other entertainment platforms embark on this project, it is not without certain difficulties, such as Netflix Gaming, TikTok’s goal is to diversify its services in terms of entertainment Thus, it overwhelms the competitors by imposing itself in several sectors.

The Disco Loco mini-game is an example of what the company wants to produce.

The platform has quietly started offering a few mini-games that can be attached to a video allowing the company to experiment and see how it is viewed by its community. Going forward, TikTok might consider a format that doesn’t deviate from what has made it popular: short, fun experiences that invite you to scroll.

If the company has already started to think about its concept, then Enthusiasm can quickly weaken due to China’s current policy. In fact, ByteDance is a Chinese group, so it is subject to very strict Chinese regulations. The situation is that, according to the South China Morning Post, ByteDance has cut about 100 jobs for its video game console even as the company has acquired several studios.

No company escapes Chinese regulation even if it is likely to make big money for the country’s economy, whether it’s with Genshin Impact, ByteDance or others, they are powerless to get the approval of the Chinese government. Sometimes the enthusiasm is not enough and the path seems too long.

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