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Will Karim Benzema be elected the best player in the world? The answer to this question will be revealed on October 17 at the Théâtre du Châtelet, during the Ballon d’Or gala, owned by the sports daily. the team – And it was created by France football in 1956. It seems that the French media want to turn this new version into … a moment of innovation. As FIFA prepares to open its NFTs platform on the occasion of the 22e world Cup of football, the team will benefit from 66e The Ballon d’Or Gala, which has been broadcast in 200 countries, to launch “Non-fungible Tokens” (NFTs).

Thus, football and Web3 are more connected! This time, NFTs will be imagined from pyriteThe stone that makes the famous Ballon d’Or. Often confused with gold, these metals will serve as the basis for letting the imaginations of Léo Caillard, the French visual artist responsible for creating the virtual set, roam.

Tezos technology was selected to develop this group of NFTs. Its “low” energy consumption (A 70% reduction in its carbon footprint has been observed since its implementation) The group has privately resumed the team. the reason ? technical protocol usedIt does not include the high electricity consumption associated with the use of thousands of computers to verify transactions”, according to a press release. But, the team Also don’t forget the “S” in RSE: a portion of the profits generated from marketing this group of NFTs It will be donated to Fondaction L’Équipe, a media solidarity structure.

Auctions and VIP entry to the party

Thursday 8 September the team Published, through a press release, Calendar that provides key dates for the campaign. In addition to creating a community on the Discord social network since August 31, a special auction will be held on September 15. Only three of the 3D NFTs imagined by Léo Caillard will compose the various batches of the latter. Lucky buyers, as a bonus, will receive a bonus that will make any football fan dream: VIP arrivals at the awards ceremony on October 17th. Specifically, during this evening, the five winners (Men’s Golden Ball, Women’s Golden Ball, Copa Cup, Yachting Cup, Muller Cup), in addition to the Precious Sesame, will receive “digital twin […] Unique in its metadata and permanently fixed on the blockchain“.

Then, on October 23, the 24-hour special sale will allow the waiting-listed few to purchase one or more NFTs out of 1,772 available. Marketed for this occasion at €199More “non-fungible tokens” will go on sale and open to the public on October 25. This time, football fans will have to pay 249 euros for a unique photo. Finally, a final auction of just two NFTs is scheduled for November 8th. This time, buyers will have privileged access to the 2023 Ballon d’Or. Fans of fantasy football will not be left out: they will be able to claim exclusive Sorare Ballon d’Or cards. A more ambitious marketing process that allows consumers to enjoy unique experiences.

To get NFT, users can go to a dedicated platform.

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