Newsletter2Go Launches New Version of Email Marketing Solution

Newsletter2Go is a SaaS-mode email software provider that was born in 2011 in the start-up scene in Berlin. In less than 5 years, Newsletter2Go has conquered the European market with a state-of-the-art email solution tailored to the needs of e-merchants…

Now, Newsletter2Go launches a new version of its solution and intends to revolutionize email marketing with many new features and a world first: the payback system!

1: New features. Outstanding delivery capability. Interactive support.

With Newsletter2Go it is very easy to create a newsletter in just 5 steps:

>Step 1: Choose recipients. Email marketing software allows you to create email messages that adapt to your recipients thanks to many customization features and dynamic address books, which are easy to segment. Thus it is possible to manage several stores in one account.


>Step two: Fill in general information for mail, such as subject, pre-address, or return address. Fields such as subject or pre-title are of course customizable.

> Third step: Choose from 50 responsive templates Or upload your own HTML template.

>Step 4: With Newsletter2Go newsletter editor, you can create a professional, responsive newsletter In minutes and without any programming knowledge. Creating your newsletter works according to the standard principle: you can simply combine predefined blocks (text, image, unsubscribe link, personalization, etc.) in drag and drop mode.


>Step 5: Before sending, check the quality of your newsletter for the last time By performing a spam test. Your mail will then be automatically scanned by taking into account 1,000 different criteria. You will receive a score indicating the chances of your email bypassing spam filters. You’ll also find tips to improve your newsletter and increase its deliverability.

> Analysis: Once you submit your newsletter, you will be able to assess its success using the most important indicators: open rate, click rate, conversion rate, unsubscribe rate and bounce rate. You’ll also be able to see where your contacts clicked using a heatmap and see where they opened your message using geolocation. All data is collected in real time.


> Active Send: Newsletter2Go’s sending system is very reliable and powerful, with the ability to send over a million emails per hour. In addition, Newsletter2Go has several certifications (Return Path, Certified Senders Alliance, ISIPP SuretyMail) that guarantee excellent deliverability and access to more than 2.5 billion mailboxes worldwide.

2: Send e-mail to e-merchants.

Newsletter2Go email software is specifically designed to meet the needs of online stores and offers many new features.


With Newsletter2Go, you have the possibility to set up interfaces with more than 25 existing platforms (from Magento to Prestashop via Shopify or osCommerce). Thanks to the plugins, you will be able to automatically synchronize recipients between your online store system and your Newsletter2Go account, avoiding manual import and saving time.

Thanks to many e-commerce plugins, you can also take advantage of the one-click product integration feature that allows you to integrate your products into your newsletter just by indicating the product ID. All information such as image, price, product description and link will be merged automatically.

3: First World: Payback Offer.


Because Newsletter2Go understands the challenges modern marketers face – from overflowing inboxes to the most demanding recipients – they decide to encourage good email practices and focus on recipient happiness, because they are the most important elements of the chain!

To do this, they encourage their customers to set up responsible email marketing campaigns by compensating them with credits if their campaigns are of quality. The quality of the campaign will be judged based on indicators like open rate, clicks, deliverability, etc.

Thus, the better your campaigns perform, the more credits you will get. The better your emails are, the less you will have to pay!

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