Digital careers: practical training and study for the start of the new school year

Founded in 2014 by Alain Assouline, WebForce3 is a network of 50 SSE schools in France (the capital and abroad), which offer short and intensive training in digital professions without a prerequisite for a diploma. At the start of the 2022 academic year, 75 places will be filled for training in digital careers at WebForce3 schools in Trappes and Mureaux (78), and Goussainville (95).

WebForce3 offers funded training places based on work and study When the school year really starts?

We already offer free three-month intensive short courses or work-study courses across France in partnership with companies. The professions involved are web developer (Bac+2), application developer (Bac+3), senior systems and network technician, or web design and digital marketing manager. In all, we are opening 80 sessions by the end of the year, that’s more than 1,500 places open. Our courses are generally without diploma requirements and are based on interview and tests.

Work and study training promising formula in the digital world?

naturally. The three-month intensive training that we offer from the start ensures preparation of the highest standard that helps in finding a company. The rotation rhythm with us is 5 weeks in the field and 1 week in the classroom. It works perfectly for training digital professionals. Moreover, almost all young people are hired at the end of their training. We also have segments emerging on demand from digital players like Microsoft over fairly long periods of 18 months. Again, employment is guaranteed.

What areas are rising in today’s digital world?

It is undeniable that cyber security is a very promising field. Skills requirements are not met in France. You can enter it through intensive training courses like ours and then specialize through work and study training. This advanced field is not for upper-level engineers with Bac5+ but BAC+2. The job for an application or web developer is still very much in demand in the job market. Finally, let’s add digital marketing and digital web activities that support the transformation of all organizations. The needs are enormous and the professions very promising.

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