Apple doesn’t know inflation with its new smartphones

The technology giant did not reveal any fundamental changes in its devices other than the disappearance of the SIM card compartment and its replacement with its digital version, and the new series of phones includes four models from the iPhone 14, which will be marketed from $ 800, to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, from $ 1,100.

The group continues its strategy to grow its huge user base thanks to products that are among the most reliable and intuitive on the market, and a range of accessories and services that encourage consumers to stay in the brand’s world. ” Devices interact with each other like magic and this creates a very sticky ecosystem, keeping users inside Analyst Carolina Milanesi of Creative Strategies told AFP.

south korean” Samsung is trying to do the same. They have made progress but not yet reached the same level From January to June 2022, the US group sold 106 million smartphones, which is 18% of the global pie, or 8% more over one year, according to Canalys.

During this semester, Apple captured 66% of the market for smartphones over $600. ” Apple continued to grow strongly in the first half of 2022 thanks to strong demand for the iPhone 13 – which was the best-selling smartphone in the world during this period – and the new iPhone SE (3rd generation) Le Xuan Chiew, of this research company, noted.

According to the expert, this success is due in particular to maintaining iPhone 13 prices and diversifying its production in India, when China closed many factories to avoid any contamination with the virus.

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iPhone 14 has been described as ” Faster than any competition With bigger screens, a longer-lasting battery and more efficient photo and video lenses regardless of light or restrictions. These smartphones can send a distress via satellite and detect car accidents to alert emergency services more quickly.

The head-to-head marketing event focused primarily on the latest generation of smartwatches, the Apple Watch Series 8 (starting at $400), and a new entry-level model, the Apple Watch SE (from $250). ” A strong dollar makes it easier for them not to increase their prices Carolina Milanesi commented.

However, Apple is back to high prices with a new watch designed specifically for extreme sports, from diving to hiking in glaciers, the Apple Watch Ultra. Marketed at $800, its battery is supposed to be able to last more than two days – in optimal use – unlike the brand’s current models that don’t last a day.

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