Training to drive corporate digital transformation

Corporate digitization has accelerated with the health crisis. According to the latest digital growth metric from ACSEL (Association for Digital Economy), digital contributes to the turnover of the majority of VSE and SMEs in France (51% in 2022). All companies are involved, from local retailers to the largest groups, as well as all departments (human resources, distribution, management control, etc.). ” every meeting With digital data, new use allows it to create value and stand out from the competition, posing new major challenges for people and technologies Explains Vincent Monti, Founder and Director of EFAP’s Specialized MBA in Digital Marketing and Business (DMB), and Vice President of ACSEL.

Centralized and exciting location with multiple application areas

The job of chief digital officer (CDO), digital transformation project manager, or innovation manager includes many job titles for similar tasks. Accompanying all departments of the company to consolidate the digital culture in all its components. ” This is one of the professions jobs that represent one of the most beautiful career adventures at the moment with a field of application close to infinity, whatever the size of the organization and its sector of activity. »

The tasks of the CDO are broad and varied. If he takes care of everything related to marketing and digital communication, he will also have the role of project coordinator. It harmonizes very different areas of expertise and personalities, with a human dimension that should not be overlooked. ” He advances project after project, drawing on the methods and tools of design thinking, as well as the testing and learning that are part of the DNA of digital.. He has identified disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, the Internet of Things or even robotics, that will be useful to him in this perspective of value creation.

With its central role with a high level of responsibility, the CDO evolves according to the projects entrusted to it, from the processing of loyalty to the digitization of the reception in the store. He works primarily with divisional managers (Commerce, Marketing, Communication, DSI, etc.), Administration, and the Human Resources department. To put men and women at the center of digital transformation Another advantage: CDOs can be integrated into a permanent or fixed-term contract, but also evolve as a consultant to guide multiple VSEs, SMEs, or ETIs in their digital transformation.

Educational competence and ownership transfer at the heart of CDO

To implement projects related to digitization, companies are currently looking for profiles of Senior Digital Officers, who will provide them with the cross-functionality they need. Among the skills essential to master, CDO must demonstrate pedagogy to carry out its missions, persuade teams and improve operations. ” One of the dangers of this type of characterization is that you only know and master difficult skills, by masking the transfer of knowledge. On the contrary, the CDO must be able to share what they know, and have a sense of promotion to make employees understand the challenges of complex technologies. You must also have the leadership to be a leader in digital transformation ‘ continues Vincent Montet.

To become a CDO, it is necessary to acquire all the skills of digital marketing and communication: from generating traffic to loyalty through data management, but also knowing how to manage teams and experience in projects. Tools, integrating the technical dimension for good. ” CDO is not the purview of IT department or DSI (Departments of Information Systems). These are generally business-oriented and multi-skill profiles. On the side of the soft skillsEmpathy, understanding others, and managing cognitive biases will allow you to make a difference in this situation.

A career adapted to retraining projects in digital transformation

The position of Chief Digital Officer is particularly suitable for retraining projects. ” Knowing the field and the realities of the companies gives these profiles credibility against younger candidates. They are more aware of the processes that operate to be able to transform organizations. “To retrain as a CDO, previous sector experience with knowledge of players combined with training that will teach them how to use and a good understanding of new technologies will enable them to anticipate and manage digital transformation projects regardless of their complexity or complexity.

The Specialized MBA in Digital Marketing and Business from EFAP teaches you all the knowledge and skills you need to retrain as a Director of Marketing and Corporate Digital Transformation. You will be awarded the title of RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications), which is equivalent to Bac +5 and has been recognized since last January by France Skills. ” This is the first time that digital transformation is seen as a profession and is no longer a phenomenon associated only with professionals. ”, confirms Vincent Montet. The DMB MBA is offered as a giant training camp with projects to be carried out in groups, all with professional trainers that will allow you to recapture the meaning and put the fundamentals in context, for a better understanding of the current challenges of digital and its technologies.

The training offers many advantages: an exclusive partnership with the Hub Institute and several digital associations, as well as the school’s network of relationships to fuel your projects and expand your address book. ” All of our graduates produce the equivalent of 2 to 3 years of digital experience. It’s a real strength because we don’t do anything alone. » Plusieurs majeurs sont au choix pour compléter vos parcours, si vous souhaitez découvrir ou vous spécialiser dans un secteur, en plus du cursus généraliste: art et culture, industrie de la santé et me à la santé, cosé à luxé, double Shanghai , In China.

Become a master digital manager with EFAP


EFAP, the School of New Communication Professions, offers several MBAs specializing in digital marketing and business, in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Paris, Shanghai and Algeria. You have the choice between a full-time, part-time, and dual-degree executive/work-study program in China, as well as different majors: Art and Culture, Health Industry (Health), Beauty and Cosmetics, and from the start of the 2022 academic year a new luxury major.

Courses are open to all profiles of Bac + 4 / + 5, as well as those with significant experience under the Verification of Professional Experience (VAP). The Specialized MBA from EFAP offers the RNCP de France “Manager of Marketing and Digital Transformation” at Level 7 (bac + 5).

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