South Korea – Renault enters the metaverse with Sandbox

The automotive industry also finds applications in web 3. French automaker Renault has announced a long-term partnership with The Sandbox. Although this agreement – at the moment – only belongs to Korea Motors, a South Korean subsidiary of the company, it is great news for Renault, which thus calls itself into the digital world. The goal is Introducing digital car experiences in the metaverse as such To offer customers new ways to discover the sector (especially Renault).

The information comes to us from an official press release published by The Sandbox.

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“The new digital journey our company is preparing for is aimed at providing customers with a broader brand experience and making them aware of it.. »

Stefan Daples, CEO of South Korea’s Renault.

Renault and The Sandbox are building a long-term relationship

As mentioned, both parties plan to continue their relationship for the long term. This will bring something new to Renault’s customers and enhance its marketing strategy. In fact, by entering the metaverse, Renault hopes to reach and retain Younger clients, ‘who are familiar with the digital environment’ compared to what exists today. He states that he will launch several marketing campaigns, in partnership with other brands, on The Sandbox platform.

Renault Korea Motors CEO Stephane Deblais / Cindy Lee, CEO of Sandbox Korea.

In addition to virtual vehicles and advertising, Renault intends to go even further. In fact, the company claims to focus on the ecosystem in general. which includes Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Blockchain and finally Virtual Reality.

On the Sandbox side, CEO Cindy Lee You welcome this new partnership agreement. It indicates that (in particular) it will make it possible to present “Innovative experiences” With Renault brand cars directly on the podium.

“This partnership is an excellent example of the collaboration that Sandbox can develop without any industrial boundaries. We are able to offer new types of experiences that combine cars and digital assets at The Sandbox.”

Cindy Lee, CEO of The Sandbox.

Renault is not the only company in the automotive sector that is taking its first steps in web3. You can say it Follows the movement that others have started long before it. In fact, you should know that since the beginning of 2021, no company wants to miss the digital train. For this reason, from Many partnerships between big names and crypto companies It is announced frequently.

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