NFTs on TV! Korean giant LG launches digital art platform

home art gallery South Korean TV giant LG Electronics is increasing the added value of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in art, with the launch of its new platform.

LG: NFT art for your living room

The future of NFT art is taking shape on television. LG Electronics has teamed up with the decentralized network Hedera to launch the new NFT platform, and LG Art Labon the South Korean giant televisions.

This platform should allow NFTs to “transcend the stage of computer collectibles and become a showcased work of art like no other.” Art work at home According to Swirlds Labs Director of Marketing and Hedera Developer Christian Hasker.

LG Art Lab: Restricted platform access

Like other NFT platforms such as OpenSea, LG Art Lab allows non-fungible tokens to be bought and sold, with the particularity that LG Marketplace users will be able to perform these operations from their TVs.

At the moment, only Americans with a working LG TV under webOS 5.0you can download the LG Art Lab app.

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The first NFT meeting in September

A feature of LG Art Lab allows you to view the profiles of artists who will publish their work on the platform, as well as preview their work.

The market also shows a countdown to the next day drops from NFTs. This will be the first event of this kind September 22 Then, with a metallic-looking NFT art version, from sculptor Barry X Ball.

By this date, the platform is currently empty. Users can only watch the teaser video for the sculptor’s next drop.

US Dollar Currency and LG Crypto Wallet in the Spotlight

For future purchases of NFT, LG Art Lab users will need to purchase USD currency (USDC)which will serve as a means of payment.

They will then have to scan the QR code that appears on their TV screen to open the app and puppy, a crypto wallet developed by LG. This wallet is required to finalize the transaction at LG Art Lab.

With the launch of its new app, LG Art Lab, LG Electronics is following in the footsteps of Samsung, which in December last year unveiled its new range of Smart TVs, which originally integrates the NFT platform.

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