L’Expression: National – Spring Cleaning in the Digital Economy

This bill will allow the public treasury to recover funds circulating in the parallel economy and will provide status and coverage for actors in this field.

E-commerce in Algeria is a booming sector. Thousands or even billions of dinars are generated. Thousands of jobs have also been created. However, almost everything is done illegally, except for a few large platforms. A complete parallel market has been created. He lost a lot of money to the treasury. Especially since these young people, who were trained on the job as “Digital Marketing Professionals”, are in “capital flight” by spending little coin in advertising and sponsorship on social networks. Others, due to a lack of jobs, turned to VTCs. But, like some players in the “2.0” world, they don’t have a legal existence. There is no legal or social protection. In this sense, the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, instructed the government to clean up this virtual world in order to integrate it into the “legal” circle. Inspired by the experience of other countries, the CEO chose the self-entrepreneur status. Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of Knowledge Economy and Emerging Enterprises Yassin Al-Mahdi Walid has drawn up a draft law. A document that must specify the status of the self-entrepreneur and a list of related activities. It is a question, in particular, about the activity of a freelancer, a web and phone application developer, an online marketer, a management of social networking platforms, a computer graphics, a VTC driver or even the delivery of meals or other goods. Thus, providers of this type of service will, in addition to the real situation, have the right to social security and a retirement contribution. An effective way to create true independent jobs that allow these young people to fly on their own. However, the challenge for many of these young beginners is to keep going. In this sense, this future law includes various exemptions and facilities. This is by offering many advantages, notably electronic registration, simplified account, exemption from registration in the commercial register, preferential tax system, opening a commercial bank account and the possibility of creating the activity instead. Living quarters or common work areas. Self-entrepreneur status should have an impact on the entire digital ecosystem of the country. Because it will allow startups to legally subcontract with this type of service provider. This will lighten their workload and allow them to focus on their core business. This also opens the way to joint exploitation of human resources among these different small businesses or small entrepreneurs. However, the highlight of the cake is that this law can give them access to international markets in a legal way. It is in line with the new regulations enacted by the Bank of Algeria regarding the license to transfer all products from the export of digital services in foreign currency to the country of origin. It is clear that they will be able to return their coins. At the moment, small sellers on the web are making small sales to France, especially Morocco, Tunisia and other African countries. These are marginal operations. Get paid through Lithuanian Bank Paysera online. However, many dream of trying their luck in these countries where they see a certain opportunity. However, he cannot do so without a legal presence and a similar legal means to repatriate their money. Today, this law can change everything. As long as it takes into account all the peculiarities of the Algerian market, while being flexible with regard to the rapid development of this field.

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